This thing called standards

Everyone has standards whether they are aware of it or not. Brushing daily is a standard. Eating the meals with discipline is a standard. So is skipping a meal a standard for pacifying the ego. Staying silent in a moment under fire, is a standard. Bursting out your anger without understanding the other person, is […]

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Hello, rockstar

What is a rockstar? One who rocks in every moment. Not situations. Not circumstances. Moment. One who makes every moment matter, every breath perfectly utilised and every sight towards positivity. It does not require much effort anyways. A life of victimhood requires more effort because that is deviation from your infinite nature. Being awesome and […]

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Is it resolved?

Coming up with opinions different from your colleagues / partner is great. It is a sign of healthy respect for the relationship and also for mutual growth. Once we do have distinguishing opinions, what do we do? Obviously we resolve them. We either go along with Option A or Option B or we figure out […]

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Take the most out of shame

There is shame, tragedy and hurt. Then there is unexpected situation. In the midst of all that, remember that everything that is happening is perfect and in divine order. We all can vouch for this by looking back at the seemingly difficult situations of the past which taught us superimportant lessons of life. In the […]

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What is the run actually for?

A sense of positivity and peaceful sleep comes from knowing that the work you put out in the world has been of service to humans who needed it to put out the fire on their head. If you are doing your work just for the sake of paying your bills (which is necessary of course, […]

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Game over

What if the game is over tonight? Have you played the right way? Thought the right thoughts? Forgave the unforgiven? Did more than your superbest? Demonstrated possibility amidst pessimism? Been a giver instead of taker? Allowed opinions to hurt you? What if the game is over tonight?

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Deep and intense

Deep and intense you, not your expectations out of others. Deep and intense hopes and dreams and actions, not the old habits. Deep and intense the way you give love to your loved ones, not your expectation of the return. Deep and intense self love, never the ego. Deep and intense feeling the feeling of […]

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