Right kind of learning

We are learning whole day, we are simply not aware of it.

Since we are not aware of it, we unconsciously allow our mind to move in 1,000 different directions instead of allowing it to focus.

So focus is the key. Focus on something long enough and you will see it becoming a part of you.

Most of what we learn comes through unsolicited social media and therefore we do not consider it as learning.

What would happen if each time we observed ourselves killing time on social media, we will instantaneously skip to using Kindle or Audible if not a hard book?

You are what you spend your time with.

Choose to be deliberate with your time, even your spare time. And you will be rewarded with an intellect and understanding that no most people don’t dream of.


The Perfect Life

If you and I were given the perfect life as per our desires, we won’t be as disciplined, as committed and as much on fire as we are now.

It is in our unfortunate times that we get to become most fortunate. If we choose to.

We may take the road of certainty: to be complaining, blaming and enlisting what all is wrong with us and how people were unfair with us.

Or we may take the path of the game changers: to leverage pain to bring in more possibilities, more power and greater courage.

Be grateful for the multitude of improvements you can make, the hidden treasures within that you can uncover, and the places you can go literally and metaphorically; just because you do not have a perfect life.

Perfect is boring. Flawed and broken is the way to awesomeness.

It will take loadza time

It takes a long, arduous, consistent effort to be great at anything and to produce genius level work.

So what does the majority do? They spend their entire lives living on the coast of mediocrity instead of burning the boats to do something magnificent.

Well here’s the fact that they ignore: Years of effort is going to pass ANYWAY. Time is going to pass away. Why not use it instead of it using us, to make the best of ourselves?

Why not leverage the platter of 24 hours that we are given each day, to purposefully live and spend our days in alignment with our biggest values and wildest dreams?

Why not?

Because we all have been conditioned since childhood to slay our dreams and be the sheep despite we were born lions.

It is this programming we need to change and from that changed mindset, take control of our days.

Do that and you will not regret anything at the age of 90.

Looking for advice

While seeking advice, seek it from those whose lives you want to be living.

Seek it from someone who is happy with their life and not sick and tired of it.

Most importantly, seek it from someone who will remain unbiased even if you do not follow their advice.

We are humans and we need guidance in order to make important decisions of our life. Just be sure you choose the person not on the basis of how much they adore you or vice versa, rather someone who will show you the path upon making your choice.

O, btw, do you meditate? Do you go into your quiet space daily? Do you take nature walks? Do you schedule no-phone hours?

If yes, here the good news: You do not need anyone’s advice. You have developed your inner wisdom and guidance to the core that decision made in that space will override anyone else’s honest advice.

What way, do you choose for yourself?

Your own inner wisdom or someone else’s unmeditated wisdom?

How big become big

Big (organisations, celebrities, car brands, etc.) become big because:

  • They start doing (and stop complaining)
  • They solve a problem
  • They fall in love with their customers and not their products

Most importantly, the big always know that they became so big because they let go of public opinion, let go of what world thought was possible, did not deviate their focus; and were and are relentless in their pursuit of awesomeness unlimited.

We all are born the same.

Yet we decide how we live. Amazingly awesomely or prisoner of someone else’s opinions.

How to live a beautiful life

Everyone tells you how to live your life. When you listen to them in order to please them you eventually get to know that they were not pleased in the first place.

So why not listen to your heart’s voice? Stay in your head and you are dead. Listen to your heart and live in the world that no one ever dreamed of.

The world is composed of the thoughts that dominate your mind day in and day out. If you think that sometimes something opposite happens against what you thought, probably you need to check how many times you doubted your own thought.

Related to that, in order to live a beautiful life, spend time with those whose lives you want to be living. Be a master at saying no, say yes ONLY to things that matter, say no to EVERYTHING else and guess what? You would have saves yourself at least a million times in this lifetime.

For sure.

It is done in that zone

We all are tied by a common factor.

We ALL are hungry for that.

Yet we suffer when we give meaning to something else by mistaking it for validation, attention, sticking to status quo and being liked.

Just let THE common thread drive your life and let unfold that magic happen.

You know in your heart what that force is.