Your value in the world

Your value in the world is in direct proportion to the value you put on the table for the world. The only way to sustained happiness is becoming more.


Creating the database

In almost every field of knowledge, service or trading, things work on the basis of database. Click, whirr, analyse and boom the next project upon the past analysis.

While that might prove to be useful, what is often the game changer is to make the decision to create a data that is unlike the trends already on your spreadsheet.

It is like using your imagination to get real by programming the subconscious mind. (Well, here is opposite of trivia that you might well like bumping into: you are already programming your subconscious mind with those data trends day in and day out.)

Changing the way data looks like is making a decision and staying true to it. Subconscious will do its task automatically. If you do not believe it, I know you have people around you who are already reinventing the wheel by giving no damn to what is up there.

What good does it do to me?

Yes you have been probably walked over. Or people are mean. Gossiping at your back. Above all, not doing the right things.

All of this and even beyond may be true.

On top of all that, why are you allowing their traits that are not good, to enter your mind and your conversations? What good does it do to you? Is it helping you in any way? Is it making the other person better in any way? Nope. Never.

Then in all senses and as corny as it sounds, the real work to be done is on yourself. To focus on their qualities and not the traits they are so desperate to get rid of. Negative is waste. It is littering your mind. Why bring someone else’s litter into your own home? Wise and fulfilled people don’t.

Our own idea of knowledge

New Delhi railway station has a stall that serves juice extracted from fresh apples. Every single day of the year. The corner stall outside the cafeteria and water cooler you must have noticed if you happened to travel by Rajdhani / Shatabdi trains.

While the concept is to serve “healthy” beverage, let us consider the reality. One, an apple a day keeps the doctor away only if eaten at the right time of the year and not perennially. Two, juice by its very nature is concentrated sugar even if freshly extracted; because the solid part that makes the fruit complete is no more there. So eat raw fruit for real health vis-á-vis concentrated sugar. (Bonus point: name one healthy strong human being who is healthy because of juices 🥤. You would find zero). Three, of all things, juices are not filling and you will ultimately eat something despite having the concentrated sugar. Such an opposite of good deal!!

How often has it happened that the facts that you considered to be utterly true popped out to be fully flawed? People, situation, perspectives all took a u-turn when the subjectivity of the knowledge changed.

Knowledge itself is not power. It is the step to gaining internal power over thine own self. And to be acceptable towards the fact that your and mine knowledge are not the end. The sea is infinite and the ocean is vast. Ego is the enemy in real sense, as Ryan Holiday beautifully puts it.

Where do you belong?

You belong to the person in the mirror. You belong to your own journey. We all belong to our own journeys. No one else.

We will be loved, we will be left alone, we will be respected, we will be set up high on pedestals and surely the opposites as well: sometimes all from the same people.

Of all these people and variables playing their own part in our journey, focus to focus on your own journey. Do not try to distill or decide someone else’s. Do not try to control and create their life your way. Focus on your journey home. Focus on being unfocused on the factors outside of you.

It is all decided by what you decide to entertain and cherish. You can create history or can simply be a history by the way you occur and by the remembrance of where you belong.

In a world….

You can run to a totally different world and guess what? You won’t be any different.

Wherever you go, you take yourself with you. Do not go to different places to run away from your life situations or people. They will come along. Live in your life, handle the people with peace and ease, and that peace and ease will accompany you to all destinations. Even when the flight gets delayed.

This is what you are looking for. Right?

Too often we think being nice in the moment is not possible. Being grateful in a situation under fire seems non-existential. Thinking that you have been treated badly makes you unavailable for the happiness in hand. Or a bad childhood or relationship is cool enough to drive us mad.

Amidst all these, we let them define our identity instead of taking these mean moments as blessings in disguise and learning the lesson. Yes, you cannot control these issues that crop up in your life however you can always, always and always choose to respond how to live and bless every life you touch. No one can take that power away from you. When someone curses you (literally and figuratively), always give them at least 10 blessings.

We only give what we have.

If they are wrong, unjust, unfair, arrogant, etc., choose to bless. We only give what we have.

Because you know something, you work for blessings. Blessings can transform your life and make you reach a frequency that no one can think of harming.

In that frequency when you go to a different world to explore it and chill out, you are definitely going to have the fun of your life because you did the right things without letting the different things of people influence you.

When you have finally made it

When the bucket list tick finally gets done, and you have finally made it. Feels really special and all the mishaps seem to have taken a secluded place somewhere in the nowhere.

This bucket list tick is not just accomplishment of a goal. It is the fuel and the evidence that anything is attainable with the will to attain it. You can simply do, be and have whatever you want. Are you simply prepared to receiving it? Are you in the mode of acceptance when things do happen or are you simply wasting your time rambling about things you cannot control, like the majority of the population?

Bad mood draws blessings away. Choose to focus on what makes you happy. Happy is the journey and all you get to see next is that you have finally made it effortlessly.