The heart to learn

If people had the willingness to learn, they would do it from Google or YouTube.

Running behind certifications and degrees is not too important in the economy we live in today.

What’s important is learning.

If you are addicted to learning, you can learn it from anywhere, even from a Tik Tok star.

Have the heart that gets pumped up when you learn. Then no one could stop you.


What do you do?

Workers clean the road.

Teachers teach.

Critics make fun of you.

Kids spill the food while eating it.

Digital marketers promote themselves through creating valuable content.

(Emotionally) hungry people eat a lot.

What do you do? Is the title that you attach to yourself relevant to your daily actions?

If yes, congratulations, there is just a matter of time. If no, probably you know what and where to start.


People don’t remember what you said.

People don’t remember that you called them or took time to send a DM.

They definitely don’t remember you sent them a personalised message on their birthday.

People don’t even remember the expensive gifts you gave them.

…what they only remember is what you think of them. And they don’t need to be a psychic to understand this, all you need to see is what people feel around you.

Take fun seriously

Fun is the secret sauce that makes serious work amazing and enjoyable.

If you don’t have time for fun, dude you really need to take out time now for fun.

It’s not optional. It’s the only thing that is mandatory.

When you take out time for something that’s fun other than spending time on the screen, you reach a point where your energy is simply unmatchable.

Do you know why? Because you took the time to recharge it.

Okay let’s fix the wrong

The thing about your wrong is that I can easily figure it out.

And vice versa.

And do the SWOT analysis on it.

And be right in whatever I say.

And give tonnes of advice on how to fix it.

And tell about it to a hundred more people.

While doing all that, let’s remember what’s the effect of it.

Not on someone else, on you.

It diminishes your energy, extinguishes your enthusiasm and all of a sudden you’ve felt feeling less hopeful about life.

Well, if that is something you don’t want to feel, a great idea could be to focus on changing yourself, to be able to have the energy that actually makes change happen.

The DM thing

Gone are the days when DM used to be used for poking. Now it is used for networking.

Maybe or maybe not with the intention of making the sale, however definitely with the intent of forming meaningful connections.

With that, DMs have some inevitable rules, like:


1. Use the first name (with correct spelling).

2. Do a research in their profile.

3. Follow them or send them a connection request instead of sending the DM straight away.


1. Copy paste a standard DM with name replaced, people sniff honesty miles away.

2. Ask for the sale straight away (please).

3. Ask them to visit your profile. (If you are engaging enough, they will, eventually.)

With that, just remember one thing: Anyone can be a pro-DMer (yes, I just used that word), whether they are an introvert or extrovert.

As long as you are interested in the other person and digging out the gold in them and being respectful, you’ll be a pro (with practice of course).


Peace is cool.

What’s hot, is, how to do it in the first place.

There is a simple formula for peace: you can practice it in chaotic moments only if you make time to practice it in moments of solitude and ease.

Unless anything becomes a second nature, the chances of it showing up in a moment of fire is certainly difficult.

Basics of school

There is a reason why ratio and proportion were taught to us as kids.

Just like you discovered a reason about how that bad thing of the past led you to your biggest joys.

Coming to proportion, the success you receive is directly proportionate to the efforts you put in.

While putting in those efforts, while working hard, very hard, it is always important to remember your roots.

This could be a great way to starting to remember your roots.