Which way to go?

Amidst all the concalls, people not behaving right ways, and the run for excellence, how would you ever know and have the discernment to decide the right path for you? Yet we all know that all of the above is very important to grow and make others grow. So what to do? How to feel […]

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Whom do we need to analyse?

Think about a person we are not very fond of and in a moment we will do their SWOT analysis. What about our own SWOT analysis? The only thing easiest to tame is our own mind. Yet we run away from it and rather beg from people to be tamed by us. Look for what […]

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Sometimes words get too loud; and then the loudest silence has to take over. So that we all know that quiet and silence is the most powerful. Delve in it.

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The magic wand

When a human feels too frustrated with all that is happening around, what do they look for? A minute’s peace. That is a victim’s way of living. Then come the people who take care of themselves. They create the time for silence amidst the chains of responsibility. It is not an easy task to do. […]

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Going beyond

There is a phase when the little chatter going inside our brain takes us over and makes us feel even less worthy. And then a terribly awesome thing happens. Stars start lining up for you, things start getting better and happiness begins to bloom into your life. Do you know why? Because you have stopped […]

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In the midst of crying thinking over yesterday and being fearful over tomorrow, embrace the Now, the “during”. Because only now has the power. And when you accept the now, a wonderful miracle happens: your past becomes beautiful; because what is your present will become your past in the future. In any case there is […]

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Can you imagine how different this world would be if the word “go” did not exist in dictionary?