Getting out of the “me”

Simply said, it means:

  • Being nice and kind even when people are not vice versa
  • Feeding the soul, starving the ego, knowing the difference
  • Choosing learning over entertainment
  • Smiling instead of showing your own grudges
  • Having tremendous energy
  • Being versatile in terms of beliefs
  • Eating healthy food when it is the easiest to slip to eating junk
  • Being chilled out in a world too defeated emotionally and physically by devices (Bonus point: your chilled out nature spreads far and wide)
  • Understanding that it takes only one person to make a relationship wonderful and not a round table “you-did-this” meeting
  • Being authentic even when you are not being watched
  • Having the basic manners of looking at the person and not the device

Most importantly, taking care of yourself during the day because only when your cup runneth over, your are going to run the beams of your happiness.


How we dim the light of others (and how not to do it)

We dim the light of everyone who trusts us by laughing at their wildest dreams, by getting angry with them for trivia (and non-trivia), how we dismiss their points of views, and how we leave them alone emotionally when all they need is a comforting moment from a human being filled with love and not ego.

You and I were entrusted with two responsibilities when we were born: to take care of your own self, and to take care of everyone. Well, here is the pleasant irony: when you take care of yourself first, you automatically end up taking care of every human being.

Most people are not kind or are self-obsessed because they are in a lot of pain. Pain is surprisingly a fuel as long as you feel it and get through it, instead of allowing it to be numbed and pop out as diabetes or cancer some time down the line.

Your light shines brighter when it shines on other people. Give us all the privilege to have it; and watch what magic happens.

What is the idea?

The idea is not to check-in on Facebook or create it into your WA / IG story. The idea is to be recognised and validated.

The idea is to be remembered by people. And also to be loved.

The idea is to have a social status that people admire. And probably want to become that in their lives.

The idea, above all, is of connection. Of creating a larger idea when people meet and exchange their energies. Most importantly, of becoming someone new because of that exchange of energy. Well, here is the good news: you can get all of that once you align with the right person: the one in the mirror.

Franz Kafka said, “You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.”

You just have to be still to get in your own rhythms. You know in your heart how to get connected and how not to drain yourself out. Human beings just have the discernment in stillness.

Get on fire

The fire that you have been looking for, the validation that you seek, the confidence you are willing to inculcate: is all waiting for you to be recognised within you.

People and circumstances may have been bad, however if you get calm and reflect, you always have a choice.

Even when all is burning out.

Feeling positive amidst fire and doing incredible production work when you are uninspired is called the real Hero.

Equation of understanding

Give understanding to the other person even when you are the one needing it the most. Expecting understanding is being in the position of a taker: something which amounts to either nothing or loss of strong sense of confidence.

Go give it baby, only hurt people do not give understanding. Take the initiative to set Newton’s third law of motion in action.

Being awesomely nice

Be awesomely nice to people for no reason. Each human being wants this from you whether they say it or not.

You know what is the best part of being nice?

  1. You cannot give anything to me unless you have it yourself (i.e., once you start being nice to yourself, you will have the power to radiate that to others.)
  2. You are putting deposits in your account of blessings. Money is wonderful because it is a magnifier of who you are. Blessings are super wonderful because they support and heal you which money cannot buy.

PS: Most importantly, be nice to all without expecting them to return. That is trade, not giving.

PPS: Be nice to those who are the opposite to you (without letting anyone walk over you). What you do defines your character and what they do, defines theirs.

As corny as it sounds

You have to, have to and have to stay calm in your state of anger. You may be 100 per cent right. The only battle to overcome is to be effective enough to state your point of view.

People listen to us when we are angry because they want peace of mind and more so, they are scared of us. People listen to us and bless us when we are calm, because they want to embody that themselves.

Peace is our nature, everyone loves it. Ironically, we use the opposite of peace thinking we will get peace. Strange, and false ☺️

When in anger, stop. Do not respond. Get still and go within. In lie all the treasures.