The Law of Receiving

Most people certainly keep a count of what they received and more certainly of what they did not receive.

Game changers, on the other hand, are on a different plane altogether.

They decide where they want to reach and then reverse engineer the plan what all are they going to give in order to achieve that goal. That is the reason precisely they are called game changers.

A pond gives nothing and keeps everything with itself. Any guesses why it stinks? Consider a river instead. It is constantly flowing, therefore flourishes every single thing in between and undoubtedly keeps on getting bigger till its journey to the sea.

Quite often, the external parameters are equivalent for everyone. What we do internally makes a fortune.


Your friends

Friends of your friends’ friends will determine what your future would look like.

As much as we let ourselves fall into the company of energy drainers, fearful people or gossip evangelists; thinking that what you think will not be based out of their thought process, we are unintentionally jailing ourselves in cobwebs.

There is nothing as important and nobler than picking up the alliance of the right people. Then simply you don’t have to do anything, all happens because you took care of your company.

To list a few benefits of high energy highly effective people:

  • No room for suffering to rent in. It comes and goes away.
  • Gossips are a world no one is aware of
  • Focus is on bringing value to the world
  • Awesomeness happens from stretching your comfort zone

And if you do not have such people around you, start with reading great self help books. Books change the mankind like none other. They are the illumination amidst darkness, shadow amidst sunlight and staff amidst rocks. Just have a great life by having great books, and your life could never be more amazing.

Start now by reading an e-book.

Failure and Success

Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results is failure.

So is selling your soul to the work you know you are not meant to do.

Not taking control of your thoughts and emotions is the ultimate failure.

Blaming instead of learning from a valley in your life is preparing way for another similar experience: unless you actually absorb the lesson for success that failure brought along with itself.

Failure is synonymous to staying safe and doing nothing to change what is on your platter.

Look at any successful human being and you will find that their success is largely due to deliberately ignoring status quo, burning their boats in reach for the island.

What are your daily steps for the island?

Don’t let the suffering go without….

Yep, you read the title right. Do not let the suffering go….do not let the suffering go away without letting it teach you the lesson it brought together with itself.

Oprah says it so well, that all the routes lead to the same destination that you have been looking for. There are no detours.

All roadblocks, all tears, all hurts, all resentments, all the incorrect decisions, all the past mistakes all have been shouting at you to learn the lessons that your life is here to teach you. Once you learn the lessons the suffering taught you, all of a sudden it catches wings and flies away.

Tears and pain are probably the pathway to let learning, joy, bliss and unconquerable happiness enter in.

If you resist the pain on your platter, you resist your growth.

If you accept the pain, find things to be grateful for in those challenging times, you would have forever changed your life for the amazing.

Btw, you never know, how lessons learnt from your sufferings may save someone’s life, literally.

One small step

Most of the times the small failures are small enough to determine your next move.

The big success is never the overnight success. The big success is usually always the result of staying resilient amidst the seemingly small failures.

Nothing is a failure if you are willing to look at the learning of gold that came out of it. Those who do, are going to save themselves years of effort and happiness.

Happiness, you see, does not happen on a Sunday monsoon morning. Happiness is simply making the decision to be happy even when outside world has decided otherwise. Which, btw, takes one small step, in a different direction.

About excelling in work

If you want to excel and be better in your work, do more of what you do and do it better.

Exception: it does not work.

If you want to excel and be more in your work, do this:

  • Go for a 10 minute walk after every 90 minutes
  • Deliberately avoid the company of energy suckers (you are not aware how much of your fame and fortune they are costing you)
  • Replace the above people with game changers (and if you don’t have any, read chew books of Steve Jobs, Edison, Norman Vincent Peale, Rhonda Byrne)
  • Exercise six days a week. No exception
  • Give more than you are paid
  • Do not ever speak ill of a colleague behind their back
  • Give people your attention, i.e., be sans devices. Your 10 minute undivided attention is much more than 60 minute blue screen focussed attention

All these are the cement and the PoP and mortar and water and wiring and pipes and paint that make the building of bricks look like it is made up of bricks and nothing else.

The biggest fear

The biggest fear we all have at some level in our lives is lack of self confidence and the way we bring intensity to it is by living the same life inspite of being aware of it.

“I cannot do it.”

For the next 24 hours just pause and see how many times you subconsciously repeat that with yourself.

Then, probably for a minuscule of a second, pause and think: “Am I really willing to pay for the consequences of this belief?”

All your answers will lie in there. You just need to free yourself from the self-imposed prison.