The magic of surrendering

We all may go through life trying to be a control freak: taking things from all over the world and being in charge of every trivia and every detail.

Somehow, almost every time, it didn’t work.Unless we surrender everything. When we cede control to The Higher Power who is mightier than the loftiest dreams we could ever imagine, magic begins to emanate inevitably. And it takes practice: of surrender as a habit. You cannot cede control and take it back again. Once you give it away, just know that you are safe and protected always. Without an exception. Then all you have got to do is simply let God in, and let Him guide you in your actions, thoughts and emotions and see the magic unfold.O yes, your job is to do the job. You will never be spared from doing the job because no one achieves success by doing nothing. You will be spared from being tensed about your job. Lightness and happiness will be a way of your life. Just make one little leap of faith.


To walk your talk

Confucius said it so aptly: “Before you set out to seek revenge, better dig two graves.”

The theory of expectation states in order to expect something from the other person, you must be and do something good to them. True? False. Because you may be rich in your well of giving and forgiveness. Probably you are having billions of dollars in your bank account and the human being in front of you is bankrupt.

So what do we do? We often tell them about the 1000 dollars we lent them and also criticise them for not giving us a dime in return.

They are bankrupt, how can they?

People, so does it happen when we unusually expect quid pro quo. That is rarely going to happen.

Why not try acceptance instead? It comes with far greater happiness and sheer lack of dependency on someone else to fulfil your inner well.

What say?

The right attitude

Your degree and skills are good enough. To you into your first job (or probably not even that).

What we all need from you is the right attitude. The ability to solve problems. The ability to understand people. The ability to create solutions in the face of dangerous situations. The ability to be calm in a moment of anger.

Well guess what, no matter what you do, these are the abilities that are going to take you to the top of the mountain you wish to climb. Anyone with a totally different degree from you can learn your skills and vice versa. The real deal is to have and cultivate the gem of right attitude.

PS. If you are willing to cultivate the right attitude, read my ebook This is What You Are Looking For and share it with your family and friends, because the greatest gift you could give anyone is the gift that you care.

Sniff, really sniff

All, all and entirely all the work we do is people. Your job is to make the person in front of you feel empowered.

The wonderful human beings around you and me are already carrying a lot of emotional baggage. Yet they walk out into the world to produce epic results and they fail: because they are not supported at the core, as a human being.

Show me one emotionally powerful human being and I will show you a human being who empowers others. It is nothing more than a flow of energy.

Solution. If you believe that you are not being empowered or treated kindly by anyone, you start empowering them. Be kind to them for no reason. Not only in words, rather in the thoughts. Do not wait for them to change, model them what and how change looks like.

It is impossible that you do not witness magic happen.

Why? Whyyy?

Why do you want to change the course of your life?

Why do you want to check your phone when you are stressed out?

Why do people live their entire life in fear?

Why do you get angry when all you want is a snooze outside in the oxygen?

Why do you want to quit your job?

Why do you want to launch that activist movement?

Once we sit down to question ourselves “why” for any question, the internal chatter comes to a halt and there arises a moment of clarity and power. Sit on that and trust it more than anything else. Because in that search for your logics, all of a sudden you begin to notice that your inner wisdom has opened and yielded all the power in your hands.

Own it. Without a tinge of a doubt.

Creating the Angels

Do you know that by your consistent pure vibrations, you can transform anyone else’s impure energy?

That behind every angry human being is an unloved child and all you need to do is to accept them where they are?

That there lies great power in not even noticing what they did wrong?

That people respond in reality to the sms you send them non-verbally?

That the world is changed by your example and not by your complains?

That there is no such thing as a bad person. Even the people doing the worst things are in sooooo deep pain that they aren’t even aware of what they are doing.

Read the above line again. It will change your perspective towards people.

Do not wish people were Angelic. See the Angel that is already within them, because it requires you to be one. That will solve most of your problems.

Well, for the remaining problems, those Angels will rise in your favour to do it for you.

You don’t know what they did to me…

You don’t know what they did to me and how good I had been to them. Sounds familiar?

Here is the ground-breaking reality: do not be good to people in the hope of receiving that goodness exponentially back. You might not know that when you were actually needing them, maybe they just got a sprain in their ankle while driving.

Your goodness is in no measure determined by goodness of others. That is trade. Tit for tat. Do good or get lost.

Your goodness is rather one of the most precious and priceless gifts anyone could ever receive. Because you are generous and you care. And because that is priceless, no one’s, no one’s bad mood can ever buy it.

Retaining your goodness is essential also for the fact, that people are in big pain right now hence they use unkind words without filtering them. They simply are doing their best; they just know little.

Since you know better, let go of them and shine in your glory without allowing anyone to dim your light. Do not allow anyone to take away you from you.