How to get what you need

The only thing we all need is getting out of this habit of needing and wanting.

You are completely full. You are perfectly awesome. Your creation has been done in perfect craft of the Creator. Nothing less than perfect could ever come from The Giver, God.

So why do we all struggle so much? Because we forget who we are. And in so doing, we allow the voices of the coworkers getting more and less pay packages than us dominate our thoughts and feelings, which ultimately drive our behaviour.

One more aspect of feeling fulfilled comes from giving. Using your life as an instrument of service, and allowing only pure and uplifting vibrations and energy to flow through it.

Once we take care of the above two pillars, we eventually realise within all that we already have.


Author: Nishtha Gehija

Energetic, bold and novel self help author of "This Is What You Are Looking For"

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