On your own terms

We all have had been broken hearted by living life on terms of other people.

Society, neighbours, landlord, house maid, etc., have unconsciously started to decide what are we going to do and how are we going to feel. They are not at fault. They themselves have been conditioned by society to act like this.

If we want to change the society, we must, must and absolutely must carve our own way on the terms we feel right. Once we know that our way is creating a better way for the ones to follow and is harming no one, listen to no one to abandon your new pathway.

We all come alive in our moments of burning the boats and coming afloat in the view of the island.

By the way, that is why we all were sent here on this planet earth. If you do not fulfill the mission of your existence on earth, you deny the happiness to yourself that is your birthright.


Author: Nishtha Gehija

Energetic, bold and novel self help author of "This Is What You Are Looking For"

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