What’s up with your life

Maybe it is at the peak of awesomeness or maybe you are facing a lot of challenges.

Remember this: life is all about seasons. It is always going to be a zigzag pattern which is exactly what makes a colourful life.

So take a deep breath (literally, and get into the habit of it ASAP) and ponder upon the following:

  • The difficulties make us stronger and more powerful
  • Accept people as they are instead of talking about them at their back (solves problems for no one)
  • Schedule social media time and do not deviate from that schedule (you will thank yourself for doing it)
  • No judgement is the biggest gift we give to the person who cut us in traffic, who was rude to us for no reason, and also whose phone rang in the middle of an important meeting (we cannot imagine what pain they are going through)
  • When you let go after giving your best, somehow miraculous wonders happen
  • Your expectations precede your results. Undeniably
  • Giving the best of yourself to your family is the only reason why we all are doing and running everything and everywhere in the world.

This is it, read and re-read them, they may save your life and will surely save someone else’s because of you implementing them; and definitely click the bottom right button to subscribe to the blog.


Author: Nishtha Gehija

Energetic, bold and novel self help author of "This Is What You Are Looking For"

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