Office timings

Q: “What are your office timings?”

A: “Oh, they are biig…usually 12 hours a day.”

The above response is not a statement of pride for doing great work. It is rather a reflection of superb inefficiency.

Too often, we regard coming home late as a sign of being an obedient and responsible employee who will readily sacrifice their life, family and recharge time for work, work that when effectively planned, would be completed before time.

We all have seen few, rare individuals who not only complete their work on time and leave from work on time, rather are also living a fulfilled and happy life. The choice here to make is not to squander time in meetings or meaningless cafeteria gossips or scrolling through social media or stalking people online; just because we are anticipating staying up late as usual.

The solution lies in proper planning, delegation and most importantly creating solutions like a hero with utmost optimism, when the plan falls apart.


Author: Nishtha Gehija

Energetic, bold and novel self help author of "This Is What You Are Looking For"

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