Trust yourself. It will all work out okay. Had it been out of your reach, you won’t be doing it anyways.

Sometimes in life, you just need to make some decision. It may or may not be right, you just need to move and shake things up.

What if, the level of trust we placed on other human beings, we placed that on our own selves?


How to….

We all have answers to all the “How-To’s” of our lives.

Probably we need to ask a different question. Probably we need to ask a question of “Why not now?”

And then just do it….without any worries or attachment to past or future. Just for the sake of doing a task well and putting wonderful value out into the world that no one, absolutely no one can take away from you.

When we stop measuring success by external validation, matrices that do not in any way determine how you feel and do your work, suddenly, miraculously, all the magic and miracles begin to happen. That my friend, takes care of everything on the outside automatically.

When something bad happened

When that bad happened, we changed the way we occurred.

All great habits, rituals and even thoughts went down the drain.

Now since that bad is over, what’s stopping you from claiming your powerful practices again?

What’s rather stopping you from trusting yourself again?

Because in reality, if you are able to accomplish a meaningful goal in the past, the trauma has just made you stronger to achieve another meaningful goal in the future.

You just need to discern between weeds and flowers and chose the ones that you want to live your life with.


The very best thing we all can share is experience.

It collapses the timeline.

It makes us wiser.


Experience comes from action. Action comes from making the decision to take action; and doing it no matter what.

What is stopping you? We all can create epic volumes with the answer.

Probably we need to ask a different question, a better question.

Probably we need to see: what is there that I can make a small start with. And then make it better every passing day.

What you seek is seeking you

Rumi says it so beautifully (the mystic is buried so deep into our consciousness that we use the word “says” instead of “said” because of the eternal nature of his creations) that “what you seek is seeking you”, which is the reality of all that is.

What we all are seeking, in some degree or another, is validation for ourselves. Most of the times people who are energy vampires do land up in validation from their tribe.

The striking, breathtaking reality is, the game changers, the minority who change the world, the crazy ones, also need validation. It is fine, because we all love to be liked.

The only difference between both categories is:

  • One seeks it from outside (people, gossip, mindless movies, viral videos, etc.)
  • The other category seeks it from within. They have huge demand on themselves in terms of working out, meditation, inner dialogue and most importantly, how and with whom they spend their time with.

We all just need to decide. And when decided, nothing can shake a determined mind.