Growing up

As kids we wanted to grow up and conquer the world.

Sadly, we have grown up to see that we are not able to conquer even our own bad habits.

How to move from ceding control to being the master of your life, inside and outside?

By reminding yourself of who you are. You have unlimited potential to change anything you want to. This is not being said from the anchor of motivation, this is the truth. Each person, has at some point of time in their lives, has conquered a difficult storm that they hadn’t even imagined of.

How did they do it? Because there was no option.

This is what you must do to yourself. Leave no option to fail to be the master of your own thoughts and ultimately your destiny. It is not about capacity, you have infinite of that.

It is about unwavering decision and getting beyond A+ mentality to learning to deal with loads of Fs that you are going to have; and the biggest F is Faith in yourself. Nothing else.

This is called as growing up. Giving up the addiction to succeed with A+ to learning in the University of Life by accepting yourself and your failures as another detour back home.


Being undefeatable + embracing failure

Check out any human being you are proud of and you will find this: they fell down 7 times and got up eighth. You can either resonate with this statement or find this to be another motivational jargon – depending on whether you implement it or simply go by reading, moving ahead and without letting it sink.

Defeat is final only when you refuse to do the work. Otherwise, it was simply a detour to teach you another important lesson in the journey home.

On this note, failure is the best thing to happen to any of us. Imagine going to a movie: and everything is amazing with the protagonist: in the beginning, middle, end and climax. All cool. Is there any chance of anyone liking the movie? Zero.

So here you are: the writer and director of your movie. All you have got to do is: be undefeatable whilst facing failures.

That is the ride of a hero.

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If you were treated badly…

If someone is behaving with you in a way you think they should not, what you should NOT do is return them with greater disrespect.

What goes around comes around.

So be kind and bless those who harm you, because before them you are being kind to yourself.

What about the other person’s misdeed? Just remember that we are here to take care of our own karmas only, not anyone else’s. There is a perfect balancing system that acts to take care of everyone’s karmas.

Look within, and without shall be taken care of.

Stop and listen

When in a state of hurry, we listen to everyone else, and take decisions from their standpoint.

When we are calm, we know what we want. When in doubt, we refrain from action unless we are intuitively sure of what way to go.

Living your life on your own terms is a luxury that anyone can afford, if they are willing to calm down and listen within.

There lies all your success and material achievements and inner fulfilment.

Make a choice

Even if you are not aware, you are always making a choice. To choose between the unhappy version of you or to choose to be happier.

We think that we need some rocket science to change the game for us. Even if rocket science came up to magically transform the game, it won’t work because we won’t have changed our habits and lifestyle to get aligned with the change.

The key, then, is not to look for revolution, rather have tiny daily leaps of evolution that make you a stronger, better person.

Someone who can trust the person in the mirror for being authentic and driven and crazy and work in progress all at the same time.

Today, make the choice to make yourself worthy of deserving all the dreams that you have so beautifully crafted. Today, have a present that your bright future is undeniable.

You can do it, only by making consistent progress daily. That is how Taj Mahal was built. That is how the beautiful city of Rome was crafted. That is how you are now, one small step for yourself at a time.

Break it. Now. Every single day.

As kids we were too curious and serious about growing up, career options, creating a resume to fit in (pun intentional), finding the right match and having that European vacation.

When all that gets accomplished, usually in the same time frame, most humans sadly get into a shell. They let that shell define them, their identity, their limitations and all the impossibilities.

What they most often forget, is the very reason they had been able to accomplish their childhood goals were because they never believed in the thing called “shell”.

This is how great ones become great. Not by being born with a silver spoon, not by chance: simply by breaking the proverbial shell that society instigates to mask everyone with.

Break the shell. Now. Every single day.

Falling down

Falling down is common, not cool though.

What is cool is getting back up.

Even when you are supposed to lose your determination and kill your dreams.

Even when you are being conspired against.

Even when people you love most are not supporting you.

Also, even when the strangers that seemed to support you have chosen a different path now.

Optimism is when you get positive and hopeful because you believe that you can overcome any obstacle: and that belief system is formed by taking positive actions backed by consistent reflection.

You get in life ROI of every thought you settle for.

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