To impress (yourself) is cool

The Universe operates on a beautiful law: in an intent to impress others, the doer often ends up un-impressing themselves.

So the next thing you should do is do things that feel right to you.

Ironically when you believe you are right, the people you set out to impress get impressed by your originality.



You read a great book, or go to a wonderful movie recommended by a friend, or are reading this blog right now, or subscribe to email lists of people you admire, or go for great retreats, or organise a wonderful motivational session in your office….someday just stop and check, why are you doing it in the first place.

You are doing it because you understand, that pointing out what’s wrong with other people is easy; being reflective about yourself and doing the tedious task of self-development: that is the real courage.

So this weekend, sit and give yourself a pat on a back: for choosing responsibility over blame. It requires a real hero to do that.

The curd syndrome

If you’ve ever entered your kitchen, you definitely know the process of setting curd. Some of the magic observations that happen during / as a result of that chemical reaction:

    It takes roughly one spoon of curd to set a big bowl of curd
    Kept for more time outside the refrigerator means sourer curd
    Keep it near a window or near a place with fan/AC on, the curd does not usually set up
    Do not stir the bowl again and again to check whether it is ready or not.

What if you and I considered our positivity and mindset like the curd. Let’s reframe all four lines above:

  1. It takes one positive person to change the environment and vibrations of a room.
  2. If the positive person, however, spends a lot of the time away from positivity in heat, the positivity gets sourer.
  3. Keep yourself in the company of naysayers (and social media) while preparation for yourself i.e., morning and evening and positivity does not get inside yourself.
  4. Do not look for results over and over again. Be patient. The last thing to come on a fruit tree is, fruit.

Next time when you have curd / yogurt make sure all the ingredients, along with environment, are set right.

Money divided

A billionaire father gave all three children equal amount of estate after passing away.

One of them increased it exponentially. Second one did nothing with it. The third one, used it in an incorrect manner that all his money was getting depleted day after day.

Same father. Same estate. Same upbringing. Different results.

We have a choice irrespective of the surroundings we grew up in, to create our own surroundings.

Blame will make you lame.

Responsibility will make you powerful (and equipped to help even more).

Choose. Because you live with your choice for the rest of your life starting now.


The human brain learns to think before it learns to speak.

It is one of the reasons why kids learn a lot.

What would you learn if we spent time thinking instead of binge watching?

What would your life look like if there was more of binge reading versus binge watching?

What if you got tensed when you had no more great books to read instead of when your internet dies?

What if, all your happiness popped out when you made time to think?

How to be a good friend

Digital era of millions of followers – it is quite questionable how many of them will turn up when you actually need them, or vice versa?

The role of social media is not to create friendships, it is to share. “Look, I made this. Hope you like this, and makes your life a bit better in the process.”

Since role of social media is not friendships, the burden of becoming a good friend is reduced. And levelled up.

Coming to the few friends and family we have, consider being their most favourite listener. People know their solutions, even in the midst of a big challenge they know how to reach a solution. They do not need you to tell them a solution (unless they specifically ask for it.)

What they really need is someone to listen to them without judgement or solutions. Like all great things, this is the simplest way to be a good friend.

Bonus tip to have a good friend: “In order to have a good friend, be a good one.” – Maya Angelou

Growing up

Growing up is a tricky story. It makes people who do not take responsibility, to believe they don’t need to.

A tag of a number does not come with an all-inclusive license to act without thinking.

Rather the tag of age is the license to think.

To think that kids take you as a role model, to show them how life works.

To think that subordinates are intimidated by your potential no matter how much they gossip about you.

To think that people who question you are actually questioning themselves for not being as weird as you.

What you have, is irreplaceable and therefore, a gift to you.

Cherishing is a better option instead of wasting. In all possibilities.

What’s the definition?

What is the definition of greatness? Goodness.

What is the meaning of goodness? Using sweet words.

What is the source of using sweet words? Thinking right thoughts.

What is the origin of thinking right thoughts? Letting go of what is not right.

How to let go of what is not right? By focusing on what is right.

How to focus on right? By choosing to.

It turns out, the biggest rights and the mightiest wins: are all the result of deciding to act in the right direction.

Which is your right you need to focus on?

Let’s go

Let’s rock. Let’s go get it. Let’s do it.

All these moments are lesser in number than the daily routines.

In the daily routine, go kill it. Smile to people in the corridor – because that is when they least expect it. That’s when they are going through a tough time, and that’s when they need to kill it.

The daily “let’s go”. Go get it.