Losing track

Sometimes losing track of your life is good. It makes you realise its importance.

Do not disagree with any situation of your life. The heat of anger that is literally burning your skull is here to teach you something: to not to lose yourself in the process of burning. It is the gold that gets tested the most in order to become gold.

Calm down even if it seems illogical to do. Even if a karma has popped up, it gives you the right to determine your destiny. No one can replace your inner architecture in lieu of anything bad on the outside.

Even if it seems impossible to overcome it, allow a tiny, a tiny fragment of your inner wisdom that says, it’s okay, just get up once more. You are important. Do not allow anyone to deny that.


On your own terms

We all have had been broken hearted by living life on terms of other people.

Society, neighbours, landlord, house maid, etc., have unconsciously started to decide what are we going to do and how are we going to feel. They are not at fault. They themselves have been conditioned by society to act like this.

If we want to change the society, we must, must and absolutely must carve our own way on the terms we feel right. Once we know that our way is creating a better way for the ones to follow and is harming no one, listen to no one to abandon your new pathway.

We all come alive in our moments of burning the boats and coming afloat in the view of the island.

By the way, that is why we all were sent here on this planet earth. If you do not fulfill the mission of your existence on earth, you deny the happiness to yourself that is your birthright.

Passing the marshmallow test

The very famous marshmallow test asks a bunch of kids to resist eating a marshmallow when they feel like having it. And when they did resist it, the researcher would come back and give them two marshmallows to eat.

It is now, very important to think, are we resisting the fun of a smaller degree to have happiness and fulfilment in the long run? Or probably eating metaphorical burger instead of going for a walk after a nutritious meal?

  • Controlled senses
  • Active intuition
  • Focus on our goals

These are just some of the benefits we derive when we resist that movie weekend with friends because we are working on a special project, or the Starbucks coffee we resist at the airport because the morning workout needs space to do the work.

The other way, to eat the marshmallow, is to simply do whatever you feel like. Consequently, that life will give you everything other than financial freedom, passion for work, hunger for delivering outrageous value, and most importantly, being your best.

We do not need more time. We just need to decide.

The delusion

The delusion is that the person in the mirror is the most important.

The reality is that it is most important

  • to treat yourself rightly
  • to be bulletproof in allowing anyone to attack you
  • to work hard in solitude even when no one gives you the credit
  • to say no to distractions

And when this person in the mirror steps out into the world, it is all about other people: how to make them be good, be more amazing, be powerful from within and more than anything else, believe in themselves by looking at the way you stunningly live your life.

The other way to live is to not to work upon your inner architecture and then expect the validation of people around you, which ultimately, rests your happiness on their moods. That is probably not a very good way to live.

Since it is going to be hard either way, why not be authentic in your own life and let the work and your aura do the talking?

Fail. Fail and fail

Ready for success? Be audacious to fail and persistent to stay in the game longer than anyone has the right to expect from you.

Who said it was going to be a cakewalk? It is definitely going to be a journey that is going to test everything you have within yourself. It is going to be a tough road of smiling and walking along with permanent bruises.

Or there is another option, to retreat to a life of comfort which of course, you do not love. Hence, kill yourself in the process.

Since the journey is going to be challenging anyway, why not do what you love?

You would have lived, at least.

Total different family, proudly

Our family. Our primary family and favourite friends.

Then come the many subsidiary families.

People with whom we gym together, meeting at the specified time every single day without any prior appointment, sharing fun, fitness and most importantly, answers which would never otherwise be found in the hustle bustle of busy life.

The colleagues, all of whom go through different valleys in their lives, yet come to forget themselves and serve their customers.

Walk in the park, smiles shared and unspoken conversations happening.

Airport staff and co-travellers, metaphorically and literally, a life and journey together.

So much in our bounty to be grateful for. Only the blessed get more blessed.

The scripts we base out our life on

Go back to your childhood and think what you were told.

Some of us were told that we are intelligent; so we all are, however quite a lot of times that intelligence replaces humility with rudeness.

While for some they were called as useless, any guesses what they turn out to be?

All of us are born the same, we all die differently. Something to pause and question about. It is because of he scripts we have been holding and creating in our lives since the time we were born.

Ninety five percent of those scripts are invisible and we aren’t even aware that they are running the show for us. Which rather is a very good news, because it means that we can change the script at any point of time.

What script are you going to rewrite today? If not whole paradigm, what one shift needs to be made today?