Let Bollywood do it for you

Bollywood is filled with examples of falling madly in love.

There is one problem though, it teaches us to expect it from someone else.

This hardly works. If you are a vegetarian, you will make sure to eat only that stuff even though you are around people who consume fauna. Your vegetarianism is not dependent on someone else’s food choices.

Love is also a food – a food for the mind. Accepting the person in the mirror is the Preamble to causing any change. Change happens when the subject of change is not dismissed.

When you love yourself purely without expecting someone else to accept you, you stop body-shaming and soul-shaming.

Then, my friends, you will be able to do Bollywood dance without any occasion or reason.

Inside out.



In order to stay away from trash that enters mind without permission, keep your mind engaged in grand pursuits.

Let it focus on your goals and sooner than you think, all the wandering in and about the past hurts ceases.

Devils enter only an abandoned abode, not the happily focussed human mind

Why you matter

You matter, because if you are not aware of it, you will make someone else matter.

That means you’ll go shopping, wearing, eating, and posting on social media – just like everyone else.

This is the gravity of power we give to others.

People are going to anyways make fun of you, even if you use your latest version of iPhone or if you use a small Nokia phone with only dialling facility.

Take care to nurture yourself. When nurturing becomes your nature for you, all that goes out from you to others is total acceptance.

You matter.

A secret to keep

Give our your success formula. Be generous in what you share. Be a flowing, flawless river.

With a caveat: do not reveal yourself to those who are not on the path that you are on. Especially to those who are not appreciative of you.

Here’s the catch: there are already going to be a lot of people who are going to be bringing you down. There is no point of allowing criticism from more, because you are a good person.

No matter what, no matter how much improvement is deemed necessary, no matter how right the criticism is, always have this litmus test: if the person giving you criticism has your contact number and can send you a “right” criticism via message, you need to stay away from them.

Let them be your critic online – because guess what? They won’t do it online, their ego won’t allow them to do it.

Use your wits to handle them when they call/message to give a “constructive” feedback; instead of letting your brain go to a regret mode post letting out your journey to those who are on a different one.

OCTV Monitoring

You’ve heard of CCTV monitoring. Someone, sitting somewhere in a control room is observing all your actions while you aren’t aware of it.

What if you were aware of your actions? What if you were monitoring you? Then it won’t be Closed Circuit Television monitoring. It’d be open. OCTV.

Let’s use this OCTV for your actions and thoughts. You are watching you. Now go do your work and shake things up.

There’s no time, bro..

When you hear yourself saying, “I don’t have time,” ask yourself, do I have time to scroll down social media? Do you have the time to read group messages that mean nothing to you and do not uplift you?

If yes, probably the question is not about time. The question is about what drives you – inner goals or social recognition.

I wanted to but I couldn’t….

“I wanted to but I couldn’t….” is this the phrase you use a lot?

Let’s make it simple. You wanted to, however you couldn’t; because there was nothing bigger waiting for you.

To make it simpler, have a goal bigger than what you think is comfortable for you. Then you won’t “have to” stop doing something you shouldn’t. The grander goal will get you more comfortable and happier.

And wiser in discernment.

Zero Confidence

Almost a decade ago, I had fallen into an incorrect friendship.

This friend, liked zero things about me. I was non-confident according to this friend, and this very phrase was repeated to me so much over and over again, that I completely believed it. Since I believed it, I started acting that way.

Then in a fortunate array of time, I got out of this friendship and met my best friend. We both not only had and still have the most fun with each other, we also respect and uplift each other beyond measure.

As a result, all the people who know me know very well that I am one helluva confident person.

This is not self-praise, this is the power what your influences can do to you. This is the power of surrounding you with right people because they will lead you to the direction they are going.

And, do not ever believe those who tear you down. Bless them with the wisdom to see the best in others, and politely move into the company of right people.

Life is people. Nothing influences you as much as your company does.

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Will things ever change?

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Tried a lot. Tried really hard. Have been trying for long. You just want to give up.

When you want to give up, give up. Not for ever. Just for an hour. Let it go. And then, get back and receive your flow.

And when you get back in action, change a little thing to change all the big things: Change your response.

Do not respond in the same way to things around you as you did. Change the way you respond by deciding in advance. Decide in advance what your response is going to be, to things that irritate you – and to those, when you respond lovefully, you will see instant changes.