Navigation system

Sit in your car and chill. No worries about the route. The navigator has it all.

Now come to the car of this thing called your life. Go by the internal navigation system and you are sure to not go wrong.

All our mistakes are because of we choose the channel of outside in instead of inside out.

Take a snooze. Once every hour. To take care of your internal navigation system and take the right decisions in everything that is so important to you.


The Crutch we all lean against

The wall you see here is the real breaking news. That just needs to be broken.

Allll the people in this picture are leaned against the crutch wall, unaware of what openness lies right in front of them.

Why do we cling to the wall even if there is the entire vast space of infinity offering itself to us? Because we fail to see our own potential, and wait for our boss / spouse / parents to recognise it.

Unless you have exercised the audacity to walk alone in the field of infinite possibility, you will never know who you are. Which also means, you never faced real joy (as corny as it sounds) and invited happiness to enter your life. Which also means, that you wasted an opportunity called Life gifted to you by the one Who believed unconditionally in you.

Have the audacity to go on the path of your choice my friend, you will be the proudest person of this distillation process.

I choose to be me

You had planned a big step in your life. Like all the previous times you did it and postponed it to allow the things to be right, well, here is the good and bad news put together: the timing will never be perfect. Except today.

Just go for it. Today. You deserve that nudge for yourself.

Success is not what they decide for you. You do it, for yourself, for the new world that you have been creating. Go with your heart instead of what is outside, and guess what, all the outside people and circumstances just align with you.

Here is the new mantra for the rest of your life: Today, I choose to be me.

Difficult divinity

Think of a divinity being served on your platter. Rarely does it ever happen.

A divinity is going to come into your life by taking your life away from you.

And just at the moment you begin to be aware of the fact that you are breathing amidst all these dangers, the divinity will present itself to you.

Keep working on raising your awareness baby, that is what is your job.

Good to go with optimism

I certainly do not know what you are going through. The fact is: the only way you could get outta what you are going through is by getting out of yourself.

Strange and true.

Positivity is the only in thing. The only way you are going to experience monumental change in the way you live your life is by finding what is the best thing taking place right now. Even in the middle of a terrible situation, there are always things to look into that are immensely great, just lying in your lap.

And yes, positivity does not mean in ignorance of the problem at hand or simply letting it flourish. Positivity is the joy you put out onto the table whilst dealing with your problems. That is the joy.

Well, if you could carve out 4 minutes to watch this new video to learning to sustain positive thoughts, it would be a great pleasure of mine.

The Journey

The journey is probably not about teaching that guy or girl a lesson. It is also not about proving it to your parents. Or someone in your social circle who tries to pull you down.

The journey is about discovering yourself. And about growing yourself from that place. Nurturing meaning in people’s lives through your very presence.

Life could either be exciting, boring or challenging. When it is exciting, keep doing your great work. You are at your best creative potential then. When it is boring, show up and do the work. No matter what. And when it is challenging, keep showing up no matter how anyone tries to pull you down.

Your only job is to lift yourself up and lift other people up. Constantly, even when things are shaking up and even when things are boring.

The journey is about consistency.

How not to feel empty

Emptiness. Loneliness. These are the gifts we unconsciously give to ourselves when we are too focussed on me-my-myself.

What if we just focussed on giving happiness to other people? What if we had greater amount of resilience that tolerance towards pressure would be a child’s play?

Curriculums in schools are devising a subject on happiness.

Isn’t this the time we need to sit back and reflect? What actually did happen that happiness is being taught in schools?

We may try and teach everything in theory, however unless we listen to our intuition that is constantly whispering to us for getting more human and then achieving never imagined targets.

You do not need to go anywhere to get away from emptiness and get into the natural happiness mode. You just need to go within. Daily. All your answers lie there.