In a relationship….with mistakes

In varying degrees we all are in a committed relationship – with our mistakes.

Reflect on the past mistakes which we all have and we get to know that most of our happiness and success today is attributed solely to the lessons we learnt from those mistakes.

The only problem with our problems is we think we should not have them in the first place.

Make mistakes and learn from them: cool.

Do not repeat the mistakes: Supercool.

Share your mistakes and their lesson with people: COOLEST. The world does need to know that the best people in the world are soooo amazing because they did make mistakes.

So continue the relationship: it is the one we hate yet consequently gifts us the moments we cherish.


Don’t stop. Ever

Sometimes the only person believing in yourself is going to be you. Keep moving forward, some all battles leave us better when we are relentless.

Also, success comes to those who have courage beyond description; so much so that success will feel bad if it does not come to you.

Lost your happiness

If you have just lost your happiness, you must stop to think what happiness means to you.

You may have just started regarding someone else’s happiness as your own and confused it with your own.

“Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it”, says Paulo Coelho.

We just need to re-jig our meaning of happiness and allow our real self to emerge. Happiness has to simply follow.

How to handle naysayers

Criticism or anger or rage from anyone is not your problem. Anyone who gives a side remark or taunt, gives this for one simple reason: anyone who is incomplete from within thinks others to be incomplete.

Meet one fully functioning human being and they absolutely CANNOT say anything bad about or to another human being. They simply cannot afford to be harsh to another work-in-progress just like them.

Define people not by the work they do, not by their status, not by the version of their car, not by their salary and definitely not by the way they look.

Because you are not defining them in any way, you are simply defining yourself.

Go connect with other human beings and you will find the glory of life lies in making other people feel better. The path is non-linear and there is definitely no going from point A to B with a pre-destined roadmap – who needs it in the first place? We all need people who create solutions on their own and move forward by taking other people along.

That is generosity. That is becoming a scarce commodity. That is also becoming indispensable. You can find millions of naysayers and condemners all around. It is difficult to find an invincible bundle of glory, and more so, become one.

Be that and you will end up giving no damn about what other people think.

Focus and control

Focus on your goals.

Control yourself away from distractions.

This is it. Do this daily. Rinse and repeat.

You do not rise or fall above and beyond who you are. You are therefore, you rise. Unless, you allow yourself to be diluted by distractions instead of being motivated by your goals.

Do not worry of being hurt by hard work. Not working hard is more hurting. So don’t try that out at home.

Keep moving forward with focus, and nothing can ever pierce you.