Self hate

The world is there to teach you how to hate. You may learn it from there.

Or you may create your own new world.

And start loving yourself instead.

Doing the work to do the work.

Not depending on the appreciation of others to make us feel nice.

Rather giving appreciation to all.

Because we can give only what we have.

No matter how much litter someone throws at you.

You decide. At all times. What to give back.

You decide. Love yourself and create a world where we all love ourselves and each other.

Respect the human behind those two eyes.


How to create your future

Suppose you come to my seminar and are sitting on the first row. For whatever reason, I do not like you. So what do I do? I tell myself that I wish you fell down from the couch. Throughout the day I keep on wishing it.

Will you fall down? Duh….nope.

In an exception. When you think that I may fall down because she is giving these bad thoughts to me, that very moment of you creating the thought, increases the probability of you falling down multifold.

Now let us come to our destiny. We go to astrologers to tell us what is up there. What they tell us is a science, perfectly accurate based out of your present. There is another biggest factor in your control and that is what you do from this moment on. If you totally change your habits and behaviors, you will get a different result and consequently different destiny. If you continue doing what you have been doing so far, then the prediction based on your present will be accurate.

So the key to creating your destiny, is technically, in your hands. Because you know all will happen based out of how you think and what you do.

Diwali presents

We all give gifts to people on festival, birthday, etc.

Let us consider this: what if the gift we gave came back to us a week later? Would we still give that gift? If yes, then you know you are a person of authenticity. If no, we really need to think about why things are not working in our life as we wish to…..probably because we are not giving the right energy in what all we are giving.

Amazing work

Amazing work is hardly going to be the first work.

The real work is hardly the amazing work.

The best way to do amazing work is to do the real work of doing the work. Once you are in and on fire for doing the right work and becoming the person of value, all your amazing work will flow.

Focus is, on the process. 😊

Yesss!!!! Creating a legacy was this easy….

What do you think you will leave in your legacy if you do not have a Ferrari to sell?

Or the mansion near the beach? And one in the country?

While all these out worldly things are great, none of these is going to be your legacy. No, not even the NGO you support.

Your legacy is what you do daily. Every. Single. Day.

Doesn’t it lift off a ton of weight from your shoulders? It would, only if you feel in control of what you are going to leave behind. Which is, fortunately, in your control.

So, before you end up reading this piece, please remember that you are crafting your legacy by every moment of your existence baby!!

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Vulnerable happiness

A big lot of unaware people shed their happiness in order to make people around them happy. They lose themselves in order to gain the validation of those who probably are not aware of what is going on in their own inner world.

Or we may change the equation.

And adopt the equation that is perfectly right.

In order to make others happy, simply be happy. Just be happy for the wonderful person you are. Nothing infects as much as these vibes of yours.

What you think is technically your soil

What you think about, would you think the same if you were aware that each and every thought of yours is being seen and received and being spoken out loud?

In reality, the biggest work we ever ought to do is on our thinking.

Once we realise that it will all be cool 😎 between what I’d being thought and what is being said, 90 per cent of our problems would disappear.

And the balance 10 per cent? You will have your 90 per cent of creativity freed up to solve them.

Which would result in miracles.

The platter on your table

If you are on a diet, out of a variety of junk food laid out on a big table, your eyes will locate an apple kept in the corner.

What the world offers you is a platter of joy and sorrow, possibility and impossibility, of making the choices that define us.

What to choose depending on what diet you are on, will make your life look amazing. Or the opposite of it.

Golden nugget to riches

You are just one Google Search away to making the change.

All the great people who are using their lives to create greatness are giving away most of their material for free. The issue was never the cost. It is the discipline, to create change in yourself and going through the process of change. Anyone can earn enough money to sit inside their big car and complain how things went bad with their zero involvement.

It requires a hero to never afford the luxury of a single negative thought inside the temple of their minds. It requires you to be you, the legend that you are, to remember yourself and act that way.

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