The biggest (and strangest) competition

The culture of the society accepts you are great only when they see you performing better than a comparable choice available to them. A monopoly food vendor in a corporate house is made to face with a competition so that they can bring a reasonable quality of food. The appraisal of employees in an organisation is made not basis what they accomplished in the past, rather what others also accomplished along with them.

There has been no better time than now and today that we wake up. The hard fact is that we do not need the barometer of 7 billion+ people on the planet to make us perform better and live richer, more fulfilled lives. The only competition we ever had and that will always be with us is the person in the mirror. Every single one, EVERY single one of us is perfect and complete. Our true nature is one to be recognised from our core.

Then why do we fall into the societal conditioning of comparison? Bigger question to consider is: it is we who create the society, then why do we even do it? Because breaking the social norm that used to serve us thousands of years ago requires thinking,

  1. Our individual qualities make us wonderfully human. It is not ethically correct to expect the same level of knowledge from a psychologist and physician even though they may require huge formal education. It is even not correct to expect it from two human beings having the same education. It is only in application and understanding of our formal (and informal : that covers more than 90%) of our education that we create a stimulus for growth and change.
  2. In order to witness change, the place to start is within. We all are meant to lead our lives, not to follow what someone else has set up the path for us to be spoonfed. Doing so requires grace. Courage. Grit. Persistence. Discipline. Patience. Optimism. So that we can change the world in our own ways. Anyone can be happy when things are going good. Have the audacity to be grace under fire. “Bring certainty to the environment where there isn’t any,” as Tony Robbins says. That is where all your and ultimately society’s progress lies.
  3. Remember your humility. At the end of our lives, what will matter the most is the value we put into the world through our work and the human beings we inspired. If it is going to matter on our deathbed, why not make it important now, so that we may change the world today. Facetime with death reminds us of our humanity: what we are from within. This creates the entire revolution process.

So here is the challenge: what are you going to do today? Live on the measures as defined by the society or create your own value system daily, consistently, step by step and then compare yourself today with who you were yesterday? Because this is where all the fulfillment and happiness lies.


Never do this. Ever.

Never criticise or blame or backbite or badmouth against anyone. Even if they were unjust to you. Even if they did what you would never do to an enemy. Even if they blamed you for all the mess in their life.

The truth is that we are the creators of the hurt, the ignorance and the anger within our own hearts. What the other person is doing is restricted only upto them. How we respond is always our free power to exercise. When we react negatively to a situation, we are unconsciously giving away our power to that situation by making us lose our stability of mind and emotions.

No matter how difficult or seemingly overwhelming a crisis is, it always has the gift us to make us pay attention to how we are feeling. If we give the gap of even 0.25 seconds to respond to the crisis, we shift from victimhood to creation of a noble pathway that protects us and most importantly, makes us grow. Oh, and by the way, what you give to others, originates from you and comes back to you in a river.

So people, never ever blame anyone. If you can read this, I guarantee you that you have the entire power of the Universe rigged in your favour to draw the wheels of fortune in your direction.



Going to this one place

img_9131Our fears, hopes, tears, triumphs, joys, laughter, cries and all the outburst of the human existence called emotions are what make us who we really are. Most often, we feel unfulfilled or overwhelmed because we go up to other people to validate our emotions.

The only place where we can find true fulfilment is to go within. Feel your emotions. It is okay to feel sad, just like it is superokay to feel elated. Our emotions are a powerhouse to tell us how we are feeling. When you know how you are feeling, you create the white space for acceptance of the most important human: You. Then begins the evolution process.

Remember: there is no such term as a perfect human being. The very reason that you exist is because life wants you to learn awesomely superb lessons and grow unlike anything. Thankfully, it will happen only when we proceed with awareness. Baby! You are never just there with all the knowledge and wits. Hug the wonderful work-in-progress that you are!!!

Letter to my 17-year old self

Our life faces deep changes as we transcend from teenage to full fledged adulthood. Some years down into it, we learn useful lessons which we definitely want to pass over to the future generations for them to live their life in a more meaningful way. So here is my letter to my 17-year old self or anyone who is seeking for lessons in order to collapse the timeline taken to learn the lessons by their own hard way:
* Only craziness can lead you to the next level. Every breakthrough was first considered crazy before it was patented. 😜
* Silence is the weapon of the most powerful. It doesn’t mean that you will accept any injustice, it simply means that you will sit unshaken on your seat of peace and love, irrespective of being dwindled by the opinions and moods of the people and the environment.
* If it is not difficult, it is not change and growth. Growth happens when you hug the abnormal.
* Your work consumes a major part of your life. Do what you love and your body of work is the most inspiring tombstone for the world to set milestones from. Ironically, when we focus on doing great work and changing the world one step at a time, prosperity and all luxuries take care of themselves.
* Creativity is like bathing. You need to nurture your well of creativity daily by meditation, learning, jotting down your thoughts and emotions in your journal, listening to music, and most importantly, reiterating yourself the reason for why you are doing what you are doing.
* Follow what your heart tells you to do. In the end, you will be happy that you did.
* Keep the fool in yourself alive. Now knowing leads to the invention of The Curious Human Being within you, which is the catalyst for all the change.
* A human being in anger is the one in pain crying for love. Accept them for who they are.
* Take care of yourself. This will do all the magic.

Hope these few lessons have been helpful to you and help you create the change you desire and deserve.



Our body of work

You may have ups and downs in your life. If you do, I congratulate you, for having a life. Challenges are the bricks and mortar that shape us. Amidst these, we discover our true selves.
Have you ever thought about why a few people go through difficult situations of life by being calm and learning the lessons with patience, whereas the others being anxious and either bottling or brooding over the war instead of making peace with it?

It is because the people dealing with challenges have created a body of work around themselves that they adore. Why is it said so much that you really must do the work that you adore and feel proud doing it? Because when you love your work, when you are filled with happiness doing it, the work becomes a source of fulfilment.

So when people leave you, your work is there to remind you of the incredible human being you are. Or when new people enter your life, your work is again a reminder for you to be relentlessly improving.

Work is God made real, said Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet. Our work is the medium through which the highest power of the Universe expresses itself. It cannot be a source of misery and loathing like most of the population does today. Your work fills a major chunk of your life and if you hate it, you must take daily tiny steps to creating the body of work that you adore. So that it can change the world. So that everyone witnessing knows what passion married with execution is. So that irrespective of the nature of work, fulfilment is the result that is achieved.

The gift of The Problem

Only people in graveyards do not have problems. The rest of us, the mortal humans, have problems to deal with which make us come all the more alive. Yes, problems make us come alive because they remind us what is the ultimate mission of ours. The very reason you have problems is because the Universe wants you to grow to a greater level of wisdom, greater level of courage, and greater level of happiness, fortunately, this is where all the juice lies.

So what to do when faced with a tremendous problem?

1. Identify the problem. Defining the problem is the first step to raising yourself up to the level of a solution.

2. What is your ultimate mission in life? It is as good as tying up your life to the polestar so that you do not get distracted by the storms that life throws at you. In so doing, you create space for the wisdom to emerge. You do not want the problem to be merely over, you also want the gift or the wisdom to take care of itself so that you do not fall into the same problem again. Look we need to be clear here: the goal is not to never have problems, the goal is to have such spiritual strength that knows that it is more powerful and stronger than any external force that crops up.

3. Have the leap of grace. From athletes to top professionals to all the rockstars of industries, success in life is 80% psychology. A significant part of this is grace. Grace is the ability to look for the good in a potentially difficult situation. This makes our minds shift from complaining mindset to creativity mindset where all the potential lies. Remember, this by no means implies that the problem doesn’t exist, it definitely does; this simply addresses the question of how graceful you are under fire.

4. Get out of yourself. There are always many lives you can help. When faced with a problem in your own life, whilst dealing with it, go get out and help someone out. For an abundant life, make it a part of your lifestyle. As Robin Sharma says, “The person who helps the most people wins.” Doing this on a consistent basis will not only make you stronger and more resilient from the core, it will also provide you the emotional resources to deal with your own problem.

5. Start small. Once you know that there is a problem that needs to be resolved, what are the small daily 3 steps that you are taking towards their fulfilment? Are you holding yourself accountable at the end of each day for these tasks that you must do? As you begin doing this, surprisingly the problem would be reduced to very small fragments and ultimately end up. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

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The Thin Line

Early autumn morning. Sun has started rising up late. Skyline with sun and receding full moon fills the heart with pleasure.

Which brings me to the divine cause we all are here for. If you are alive, you are here on this planet earth for something very significant and your job is to figure that out.

Once we step into the zone of doing our passion, we need to draw The Thin Line.

The Thin Line is the difference between leaving the safety net of our comfort zone and the chattering voices of critics.

We all know that in order to achieve what we have never achieved, we need to leave our comfort zone on a consistent basis and have the courage to do the new. Simultaneously we also know that critics only criticise others because at a certain level they have their dreams that have been left unfulfilled because of not hugging the fear of venturing into the unknown.

How do we know when to leave our comfort zone and when not to do something that naysayers want us to do? Intention.

Intention is the secret sauce that binds all the pieces of the puzzle. In other words, why do we do what we do, to use Tony Robbins’ words.
Is your intention to make the world better by making an impact or do you have to fall victim to the criticism of the world?

What you intend, you radiate. What you radiate, you create. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Even when the critics say something that is in rigged in favour of you, it is your job to align that with your intention to take further action.
Our life is built to wow. The fact of the matter is that nothing great was created without transcending the limiting beliefs: within and without.

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