Your fire

You were born with an inexhaustible fire that sustains you, nurtures you and nudges you to take the right direction in every step of your life.

Sadly, most of us have allowed our fire to be dimmed while seeking approval of family, peers or friends. However your inner fire is still within you. It is the only reason why you are here on this planet earth. It is whispering to you clothed in circumstances, signboards or even complaints of people. Listen to it. Let your fire glow as bright as possible and then even brighter.

Let your light become the direction in the path of many. Let your life and the way you lived each day become your legacy.

You were not born to live with and according to naysayers. You were not meant to be the football of anyone’s opinions. You were meant to dance, sing, create music, or do whatever that makes your heart sing, even though it does not make sense to anyone else. You are here to know your purpose and to live it in the most grandiose manner ever.

You are infinite. Anything less is dimming your inner fire. You do not deserve the luxury of doing that to yourself.


Doing “thinking”

You would be stunned to know that most of the population is not thinking at all. What they think they think is simply memories of old thoughts repeatedly being projected.

If you want a life that you are proud of, the habit you must inculcate, is to think. Go out into the wilderness and let the mind wander into the blue ocean of possibility. Spend some time journalling about your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can capitalise on your strengths. Think over the ways you can challenge your own success formula. Ponder over how you could be more loving to your loved ones. If you had a difficult day, take time to think what were the blessings in disguise (there are, always) and lessons that came out of it.

Why are you and I doing this? So that, tonight and every night, when we go to bed, we have a sense of contentment on a day well lived, well thought and well acted upon and responded, not reacted.

You have infinite potential to reach the highest of limits that you ever imagined. What do you have to do for that? Simple, start thinking at that level of thinking.

What is the game dude?

What game are you into? Are you into the game of legacy or are you into the game of suffocating your integrity for the sake of a few minutes?

Are you into the game of knowing yourself better, or are you into the game of doing a research on other people’s behaviors instead of taking charge of your own?

Are you into criticising a difficult teammate just to vent out your frustration, or do you choose to go deep and give understanding and respect to them for where they are in their journey?

Are you diving into the blue ocean of possibility by doing one scary thing every single day, or are you simply dragging along your life sticking to the safety net of certainty?

Are you asking yourself the right questions, or are you sunk into the default victim mode?

And most importantly, do you take charge of your life story, or is it being run by the opinions and beliefs of the status quo?

The life of joy

Our happiness is going to rely a lot on this one choice that we make: neither to give pain nor to take any.

Most of us have mastered our lives not to give any, however, have yet to master the art of not taking the emotional pain (clad in deadlines, heartbreaks and even family dramas).

Once we do so, chances are very less that we will feel miserable in life. Because our inner compass is aligned with being true to our own selves and doing the real authentic work, and not on the mood swings of our loved ones and not so loved ones. 😊

Way to occur

You, as the purest form of energy, made the decision to come into the experience of this body.

Now, as you have and experience this life, just pause and ask yourself: “Did I choose this experience just to allow myself to be the football of others’ opinions, or am I living in a way that is authentic to me?”

We are going to experience unexpected roadblocks amidst our journey. Have we developed the resilience, grit and internal empire, to be able to sustain myself impeccably?

Am I being fair with myself?

And most importantly, am I giving the best of myself so that the world could be an amazing place?

Do it now. For yourself.


The things that break our hearts are the best things that open our hearts, says one of my heroes, Robin Sharma.

It is the darkest before the first ray of dawn.

In our dark moments, we witness who we really are.

Unless you have seen the darkness, you cannot witness how bright your light is.

Even the darkest hour has 60 minutes.

You know the summits only when you have experienced the valleys.

Difficulty is the glue that aligns your soul to its purpose.

Intention. Obstacles are simply the detours in our way to the top.

Do not look down on your way to the top, or you will get scared.

Clean and pure. No exceptions.

Love. Beauty. Presence. Grace. Power. Bliss. Happiness. Joy. Peace. Discipline. Heart. Connection. Self respect. Vulnerability. Ease. Balancing them all out.

Do your best. Rest all is taken care of. If you believe this, your dark moments will come and go away.

Joy is a choice that we make daily, it is not a one-time event.

No one, absolutely no one, has the power to take away your happiness. Just because you are here, you have all the right to be happy and ecstatic.

Feel the pain. And keep walking.