Your best ideas lie in here

Just wanted to let you know through this one minute video that all your awesomeness is waiting for you, to be released through you.

How to have your best ideas


Working hard

Working hard was never the problem. What we need the most is

  • working hard along with believing in yourself
  • working hard with the purpose of making an impact
  • working hard amidst allowing only positivity and possibility in your mind
  • working hard with the intent of solving problems
  • working hard because you are aware that an engaged mind leads to happy life
  • working hard and caring for your customers, because they are real human beings
  • working hard with love, not to prove yourself to that guy or girl.

Those all elements combined with hardwork are going to guarantee success.

Amidst taking care of all these, remember, work hard and happy. 😀

What game are you into?

Are you in the game of keeping all money by yourself or to reinvest it to deliver even better this time?

Is your time being traded to gossip or to care and make people better?

What is your mindset before you start your day? Just another boring day, or the day as a platform to deliver masterpieces into the world?

Do you radiate positivity and possibility (as corny as this sounds, it is the awesomeness) or do you allow one negative event to take your remote control?

As we dive deep into ourselves, we understand that the worldview quite often depends on us only. Most of us are too caught up in out own difficulties that we have forgotten to step to the side of our journey and see how amazing we are and so is the world.

Our focus determines our locus. The beautiful quality of life does not happen by chance. It happens by choice, to have a beautiful quality of life.

What say?

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The bathroom conversations

Want to know what your heart wants? Observe the conversations you have with yourself in the shower.

That is your intuition at its best. You may be thinking of building the next big thing, and all you need to, no, must incorporate in your days is to take conscious, deliberate action towards it.

You may also be fighting with someone in the shower. Just resolve that relationship: either to make amends or to move out in peaceful and humble manner.

Remember, what your mind is thinking about just before shutting the eyes at night and in the shower: is your life speaking to you. Follow them, and you will have a life that is nothing, nothing short of miracles.

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Who is the boss btw?

When do we use social media:

  • When we want to run away from our current situation
  • While getting bored (which simply means, lack of focus. A dedicated and disciplined human plans their days, which include buckets of total creativity and action coupled with buckets of pure fun.)
  • To check how many likes / comments we have received so far (which is a dangerous way to live, because you are relying on already bored people for your happiness)

Let us think of a free way to live: ·

  • When you want to run away from the current situation, take a deep breath and think of the 4 – 5 people who matter to you the most. Then think: do you really want to improve that situation, take charge of it or simply distract yourself in the notifications?
  • Schedule your weeks in advance, on Sundays. This makes you crystal clear on your mission and also allows you to set apart thinking times and fun times in addition to super-work times.
  • Let go of the need to be applauded by all. Somewhere you need to know as Robin Sharma says, “Leadership is a lonely sport,” wherein sometimes the only person respecting you will be you only. Yet go with your intuition and keep working with love on what is most important to you. Most importantly: keep the pic of your loved ones always handy in your wallet and cellphone.

Most of us are running away from our own selves by indulging ourselves deeply in social media. All the whisps of information that have come to you so far and changed the way you live today, have arisen when you were in flow state, not even thinking about your phone. Think over it.

Please, for you today.

Creating value into the world…in a different way though 🙂

We all have lofty ambitions tied to our lives. We all must have. Then in the middle of the day most of us get into the thick of thin things and tend to lose coherence to the goals we visualize every morning and every night. Whereas, this is the time of action where you must feel the feelings of joy and plentitude that you will feel when your goals are fulfilled.

You see, there is never going to be a time when you have fully arrived. When your current goals are reached, then would come the time for bigger goals from there. It is all absolutely perfect because this is our true purpose: to expand and grow in this human costume that we all have. So why postpone happiness? Why allow your happiness to be stolen in the circumstances of everyday life? It is the dissatisfaction with the current circumstances only that has caused you to set higher standards and reach out to loftier goals. This simply means that the only path we are left with is to be graceful and grateful along our journey to our goals.

How you achieve anything is much more valuable than what you achieve.

Every thought, vibration, aura of yours is being radiated into the environment that we are a part of. We do need to stop and check ourselves: what are we giving in terms of our vibrations to the environment that we are a part of? We all do want to deliver great products and fanatical services to the customers we serve. That is all supercool. What about the energy field that surrounds you? Are you adding value to your world by your happiness, stability and faith that you will achieve all your goals and trust in the process? Or are you irritable, ready to lose your calm at the click of another human being? Only you, and no one else knows this answer.

Will you take 10 minutes today to jot down how will you be a force of nature every single day, so that you create real value of Wow into the world? We all know the answers, we just need to put them down on a piece of paper so that we have the directions.

(Btw, bonus point: all successful people keep journals.)

You do take care of your property, right?

When we sleep at night, we make sure that all the doors are properly locked. We take care to keep our valuables in a bank locker instead of letting them wander in our home. Our wallet is secured perfectly in our bag / pocket so that it is safe during transit.

No one ever taught us these things, yet we all are wonderfully aware of them. How? Because we learnt it from our parents and surroundings. They learnt it from their parents and surroundings. The same was passed on from generation to generation without the verbal teaching taking place.

What about locking the doors of your mind against negative influences? How about taking care to allow only positive, uplifting thoughts to enter the door of your mind? The mental food? Is it constituted of jokes being cracked on WhatsApp or do you deliberately make the choice to read a page of an e-book instead of trawling through your notifications?

We learnt not to take care of our mind from the same source: our surroundings. The consequence is quite evident in our lives: pain, anger, jealousy, competition, comparison, frustration, depression.

What about being guard of your mind that must have been our primary purpose? Today most of us are having abundance of external pleasures yet find it difficult to sleep peacefully at night. It is high time that we all do an audit of our own selves and start taking steps that will take care of the mind, body, and spirit so that we are fulfilled from within instead of looking forward to others to make us happy. Taking care of what is going on inside of your own self is the biggest safeguard to the priceless property we all have been blessed with. A word of caution: it is not going to be easy. Any sort of transformation requires discipline and consistency. Your body requires right types of exercises and meals in order to be fit and strong. So does your mind. Discipline. Focus. Faith in yourself. Dedication to reach your peaks no matter what stones life throws at you. Power to say no to reading and gossiping on chats. Power to say no to all those invitations that diminish your focus. Power to know that you are powerful to bring the shift in your life no matter what highest lows you have witnessed in your life so far.

This is the highest truth: your happiness, peace, stability and calmness is your biggest power. Sow the seeds of optimism and gratitude in all seemingly negative circumstances and stand guard at your mind against allowing any sort of negativity into your mind. This aura of yours is your greatest asset.