Being Committed

People who are committed show up for each other. They unconsciously and happily create space for the people they are committed to: be it spouse, parents or best friend.

Let us reach to your art. One that you know you can be proud of. One that will set you free of all the bondages. It is your art that is your ID and your passport to the awesomeness of the world. Your art makes you reach the realm of unconsciousness and makes you create a produce which you had never imagined you could create.

Art merely does not mean painting and sculpting. Managing people in the best in world manner is an art. So is every work on the planet.

Art. Are you committed or merely interested?


Peep into the future

Newton’s laws changed the world. (The best part is, unlike politicians, we can name Newton and not be critiqued.) According to his third law of motion, every action has equal and opposite reaction.

Fast forward to our offices / homes / streets.

What actions (thoughts, behaviors, words) are we giving to the world and to the people around us?

What if we were a little careful in giving out product of mind?

What if we never took a decision in anger?

What if we were relentless in pursuit of our dreams?

What if we never afforded the luxury of a single negative thought?

What if, we remembered that we all are made of love.


Our basic need is for connection with all human beings. Or maybe we believe so. Interestingly, we just need to connect with people who belong to our tribe.

Our real need for connection is with our own self. To learn to accept the person in the mirror.

Our relationships are a mirror of our own lenses through which we see the world. Make a connection with the person in the mirror, and you will automatically start making the right choices, be it business or personal relationships.

Be you. The real relationships are going to be given to you. For sure.

The NEED to Change THEM

Maybe they are not behaving in a right manner. Maybe what is happening is not fair. Maybe they want you to be like them. Maybe all they do and say is wrong.

Let us come to the part that we can control: our responses.

How many times has it happened that you had become angry and the recipient of anger had changed out of fear rather out of acceptance of your opinion? Answer is never yes.

Yes, we want them to do the right thing instead of the wrong path they are treading on. So why not take a perspective from their way?

Firstly, make room for their wrong. Everyone has a reason for all choices in their lives. Maybe they had a hurt childhood. Maybe they have had a broken heart. Maybe they have never been trusted. Accept them where they are. Meet them where they are. From that place, everything you do will be called as holding a hand instead of poking a finger.

It usually happens through the power of silent acceptance (in words and in thoughts). Where the science fails, silence triumphs.

Invoke the child within

With the new year about to be setting in and most of the world delaying their goals to January 1, let us set a goal for ourselves NOW.

Starting today, whenever you are about to think a thought or do something, pause for 5 seconds and ask yourself:

“Is this what I wanted to teach my five-year self?”

This one question, even if asked yourself five times a day, would propel your actions and align your life in the perfect direction.

For sure.

Ask and you shall what? Receive.

Hit the rock bottom

Every action (and thought) has equal and opposite reaction.

When you hit a rock bottom in your career, in your relationship, in your life, it is The Time to bounce back up with the same lightening speed.

It all depends on the lenses with which you view the world. Are you willing to take your hand off the wheel and go with the flow?