You can always spot a difference in the way people live their lives by the way they spend their spare hours.

Some watch movies so they either become actors or end up watching more movies.

Some read books so they end up becoming authors and read even more.

Some follow entrepreneurs and their biographies hence start their own venture of changing the world.

Some watch shows where people burn their lives and cash in irrelevant and harmful substances. So do they.

You are what you surround yourself with. Nothing more. Choose your life by choosing people around you and more than that, becoming that relevant human being.


Things Alexa can’t do

Alexa has taken us to a level of entitlement that most people believe it can do anything and everything for them.

The reality is, as replicable tasks get overtaken by Alexa, it becomes all the more important to do the non-replicable tasks that Alexa would never be able to do, like:

  • Cultivating empathy with coworkers
  • Honesty when lying and cheating is the way out
  • Having the patience to understand someone’s anger
  • Fidelity in a professional or personal relationship
  • Protecting your self worth
  • Dancing like crazy on the road with besties
  • Not allowing yourself to be a convenient option for people to walk over
  • Giving good vibes to someone else’s repression
  • Most importantly, ignoring their boss’s instructions when the boss has asked for an incorrect order.

Alexa is replacing lot of mechanical jobs that used to be done by human beings. It is all the more cultivating the need for real jobs that only humans can do, and make them more invincible in the process.

Coming Monday….

Too many things left undone during the week are handed over to Monday.

Coming Monday, i.e., tomorrow, might be a great day to start. The journey begins with getting out of your home (comfort zone) and beginning.

The ignored Power

Everyone, every single one is born the same. Then how do we end up getting different life from the rest of the world?

Power of Associations.

Some choose to be with people who complain.

Others choose to be around go-getters.

Some deliberately choose to be around go-getters through their videos, audiobooks, books, TED talks or podcasts while they are surrounded by complainers.

It turns out, you may not decide where and around whom you are born. You may always decide like whom you want to become.

The only person whose association you will have your entire life is you. Make sure “You” is with great associations.

Fear is made verbal in anger

Do you know some people who get angry at any time? Or probably someone who will find something bad in the most positive situation?

Here’s the life lesson to learn: Do not ever become like them.

The one who gets angry or criticises is in deep pain. Pain of never leaving the herd like you are doing and crushing it in your life each day. Pain of never following that inner wisdom that nudged them to follow their heart.

The best part is, they won’t tell you: “Your fearlessness triggered an unhealed trauma within me.” Hilarious, and true. They would simply say something so bad that you would be triggered to status quo so that they feel a little less worse.

The solution then, to all the stones being thrown at you, is to not notice them, be compassionate for the ones throwing them, and most importantly, give a pat on your back for escaping the primal thoughts and creating your own Universe.

Every genius has one common characteristic: they are called as mad and foolish and funny.

Learn to dance with it and 95% of problems surrounding you will disappear.

Let’s talk about success

Success. A word that all of us would love to be associated with.

What is important to observe is, how you feel when someone else gets successful? How do you feel when someone else gets the success you have been seeking for?

Real goal of success is making you feel good. This feel good is not a destination, it is a journey. It is right here, right now.

What would be the point of your success if you had no one to share that to? What would be the point of existing if you were the lone person on this planet? Most importantly, how would you feel if someone else felt bad on you getting successful?

The journey is to move ahead, and to be filled with good wishes when someone else moves ahead.

It is in the happiness of all that we become successful. And a contented heart is a magnet for miracles.