Grand and great

Grandness and greatness are too attractive. We all want to be that. It makes others believe we are not the “lost guy” they thought us to be.

However all grandness and greatness have their seeds in starting small and being consistent with your dreams, no matter how much others are laughing at them.

When others laugh, you take one more leap and action of faith.

When others poke fun, you have fun while pursuing your dream.

When others gossip, do the work that brings you goosebumps.

It is your journey, and you can inspire others only when you can do it for yourself Bro!


What do words do?

Words do a lot. Words shake things up. Words make good things bad and vice versa. Words motivate. Words empower.

Words are powerful.

Silence – it is the atom bomb when word bombs have stopped working. More powerful than words that could not make an impact.

This time, with God

What if this time God heard you and came down to meet you?

What if this time God gave you all the power you have been asking for?

What if God lets you become the creator of your destiny?

What if God needs your help with all this?

If amidst all this, God just wanted one thing in lieu: to make sure you stop focusing on flaws of others. Will you go ahead with this kind of God?

Who are you, btw?

Before people talk with you, they know who you are.

Not what you do or don’t do to them, rather what you think about them. It is as easy as feeling heavy or peaceful upon entering a room. You can feel it even though people’s words say otherwise.

Here’s an experiment: Pick one person around you whom you are not very fond of. Undoubtedly, they’d be feeling the same about you. For the next one week, no matter what they do, just bless this person. No opposite thought. Just bless, even though it may appear impossible to bless such a person. For your experiment, just do it.

I may write thousands of words however if you’ve experienced it yourself, that experience will become your truth.

Over the period of one week, you will notice that you have automatically stopped feeling bad in their company.

This is what you are and what you are capable of – doing your publicity without speaking a single word.

Who you are, btw? You and I have only one goal in life: to change.

Paid your insurance premium?

Insurance premiums are assurance – for your health, your car, your life.

Let’s just hope you don’t avail them ever.

There is one more insurance premium that people must pay and definitely avail: premium for their happiness.

Happiness gets wounded or lost not in the big things, rather in the smaller things like mood swing of a loved one, someone criticising you, or maybe even a vegetable vendor.

How do you insure your happiness?

Just decide to be unaffected by trivia.

Just remember you are powerful to do that.

When people talk about you…

For a lot of people, it does feel bad when people talk about them.

Of course, why not, you are investing your valuable time and life towards a mission and someone else is just gossiping about it drinking a coffee which was prepared while gossiping.

Here’s a little secret:

People talk about you, because probably they haven’t done something as meaningful as you have, and are in real pain witnessing you rise.

Do not get angry with them, have compassion. They are in pain.

And with that compassion, have a complete sense of respect for yourself. Expect from others what you give to you.

Be an unfit. Stop fitting in.

Drive chats

It is really possible to drive and talk about possibility.

It is possible to drive and not comment on how others are driving.

It is possible to drive without touching the phone.

It is beautifully possible to drive and witness the sun’s rays – without pondering about the heat (because you are sitting in an air conditioned car).

It is possible to drive and share about how you overcame your struggles.

PS: It is also possible to walk to nearby places where you usually drive to. 🙂

Keep it kind

We all have been through experiences when we wanted to be kind and ended up raging.

We also have been through experiences when we wanted to be kind and we made it.

The second experience was a teacher, that even though the path may not have been easy, a little bit of effort saved us from days and perhaps weeks of self-loathing.

It will take only little effort to be kind, when the world expects you to rage, that little effort is much better than compound effect of impending guilt.

Raise your standards.