You are not alone.

You are not alone in your struggles.

You are not alone in your success.

The journey was never to be alone in the first place. If during that you are feeling alone, probably you need to get out of what is going on in your head.

You are not alone. Because alone is a concept built up by stacks of negativity. If you knew who walked with you – visible and invisible, you’d never feel alone.

Alone gets away by awareness that you aren’t alone.


What can’t stop you

A lot may not be working on the outside. You and I know it, we need not discuss it.

What we need to discuss, what we need to ponder, is what exactly will we do with our own selves?

We may do what others do to us (which we already don’t like).

Or we may do what we love (and be respectful to the person in the mirror).

If you know yourself, no one can stop you. Stop googling, you won’t find You on Google. Perhaps because Google has never gone inside you.

You are not alone

Sometimes (read: always) the feeling of being alone is going to come from the people you least expected from.

You may want to question everything and won’t land up at any answer. Even at times when you’d have an answer, you won’t have the nudge to take that step forward.

In those times, just remember “the people” for whom you are doing everything.

That is going to be your anchor. When you go back to your anchor, there is no way anyone or anything could bring you down.

No way.

That “when”, when arrives

When you wash off what everyone tells you in the world,

When you do not do things to please someone else,

When in the process of doing all this you hurt no one,

When you are chilled out and damn satisfied with others,

When you don’t wait for “when” and do it “now”, even when you are not fully prepared, you literally enter the realm of magic.

The Rohit Sharma high

In today’s India versus Bangladesh match, Rohit Sharma went back to pavilion immediately after hitting a century. While all the Indians including him were upset for him being caught, here’s something very few of us noticed:

When walking up to the pavilion, he raised his bat a little bit to wave to the audience.

That was something worth noticing in our own lives. We may have loads of things going on greatly all around us (a record-creating century) yet a lot of people choose to focus on what went wrong and could not be controlled (the loss of a wicket), instead of enjoying what lies in our hands (walk to the pavilion with pride and honour).

It is always up to us where to focus, and our focus decides our locus.

Perhaps no one became great by accident, today might be a good time to exercise a choice.

AC versus Heater

Most people have a tendency of not being able to live without AC. Inversely, the same is not true for heater. As a matter of fact, very few folks need heater in winters.

Chill is important. Heat ain’t.

What if….

…this also applied to our states of mind?

What if we needed staying calm and peaceful as non-negotiable; and did not give a second thought to becoming fuming with rage?

Experiment is the first step to experience.

Everyone does public speaking

Ever had fear of public speaking? I did. When I was in school. Today magically it is zero. (P.S.: When my “well wishers” call me to not to put my face on my videos, I prepare videos like this 😎)

So, coming to the point, yours truly won’t ask you to go embrace your fears and speak in public (even though you should). You won’t be asked to do it because you already do it. People learn from your conduct and lifestyle and the kindness embedded in your text messages that they could never learn from the one-hour lectures that you do. If you don’t practice what you preach, over a period of time, your preaches won’t be heard.

Here’s the idea for you to consider for the next twenty four hours: you do public speaking every moment of your life. What are people listening when are speaking nothing?

That is exactly they will remember about you.

The Storeys of Stories

You are a story.

I am a story.

The other is a story.

And here is this nothingness.

In this nothingness, we create the magic of infinity.

If we create the magic of infinity, it is because we can.

If we can create any little magic, we can create a magic with the story we write.

The story we write is the story we will be remembered (or not remembered) by.

Remember to remember the author of your story. Author is active while gossiping, hurting, and spending time on social media. Author is also active while creating zero thoughts, being fully present and also taking action despite feeling uncomfortable.

You are The One.

The Creator of the story.

What is power?

Power is not speaking up in front of those who have lost their power.

Quite often, people believe they are powerful if they reply with worse words or behaviour to those who treated them badly.

Let’s dissect why they did so in the first place. Anyone, any rich human, a boss, a neighbour, someone on road, they treat you incorrectly because that is what they have been giving it to themselves. It is like if you eat vegetarian food you won’t offer animal food to someone who comes to your place.

What you have is what you will give others.

What someone else has is what they give you.

Your role my friend, then, is to give them what you have.

Well, what you have could be compassion, peace, ease, and understanding – something which each one on the planet is looking for, and something which is an endangered species on planet earth.

Bring people more of your real self, they will be delighted to see you and silently rip off all the masks.