The three minute script

It is easy to tell what the show/movie is going to result into if you know who’s the producer. Karan Johar. Ekta Kapoor. Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Mahesh Bhatt. Shah Rukh Khan. Each producer has a flavour which speaks more than what movie/show could ever speak.

Here’s the inside truth: Whether the project is going to be hit or not is decided in the first three minutes of listening to the script narration.

If someone is not happy with the script they are telling to person in the mirror, they need to change the script. Probably create a better one so you love listening it for more than three minutes straight.

The actors will align with the script. The script always creates the story. Never vice versa.


Tech support

Tech support is needed when you are not able to solve a problem, because you are not an expert in it.

Hiring a plumber, getting your home painted, or servicing of your car are examples of tech support if you are expert in none of these.

This, of course, does apply to our brains.

With only a cliché: we are the biggest experts in handling our brains and yet most of us look to others to make us feel loved, respected or even good.

You don’t require tech support for your brain. You’re the expert to deal with the malfunctions, if any, that arise.

Words and Pareto

Words constitute less than 20 percent of what is being communicated. Then why do words make or break? Why did Boyzone compose a song on words and that hit all of us in the nerve?

The reason is, words validate the body language and tonality, the other 80 percent. If no words are spoken, the (non) speaker can always deny the body language and tonality, because the listener does not have the evidence of words.

Remember Pareto Principle.

Why are we begging for love?

At any point of time we meet someone, maybe it’s your colleague or friend or family or a stranger, we all are begging out loud: “Love me! Respect me. Like me. Approve of what I am doing!”

It happens with 99 percent of people who want those to fill up their wells whose own wells of love are empty, those people in turn are asking someone else for love.

Here’s the alternative: be someone who is filled with love. This is our essential nature: we are made up of love.

We are not going to retire on it.

Each one of us is filled with a capacity to love infinitely, as long as there is breath going in and out of your lungs. Even in relationships that are not alive today, love is not over – we have simply stopped nourishing the tree of love with those.

So starting today, be the person who loves unconditionally. Who loves irrespective of the fact that you were not invited to a party, not greeted at a meeting, were badmouthed around, or even when you are ridiculed.

Be love.

P.S.: Giving love to anyone else begins with loving yourself. When you are so full with self love, you will know the discernment between breaking the barriers of ego vs. breaking the barriers of self respect. And you will always draw healthy boundaries to protect the latter.

Don’t let the day slip by

“You could have today. Instead you choose tomorrow”, said no one wiser than our very own Marcus Aurelius.

The things that you don’t begin today go over to the platter of tomorrow – and tomorrow ain’t any concept.

Tomorrow is just a hallucination our procrastination gives to the mind that wants to create a symphony of serving the world.

Before you scroll to another internet glimmer, ask yourself:

  • Did you do everything you were supposed to do today?
  • Did you give more than you have ever given?
  • Are you and your work in a committed relationship or is it just a time pass?
  • Are you losing yourself in service that you ultimately find yourself?

You’re important. When you realise this, you make others feel and be important. And blessed.

Blessed with loneliness

Loneliness is a gift only very veryyy few people are blessed with….because most people are married…to the white screen in front of them.

It is not bad or weird to be alone in the middle of your thoughts: because your thoughts create your reality and give you incredible power that no company can give.

Solitude also, inter alia:

  • makes you trust your instinct instead of looking outward to people for solutions
  • makes you believe you need no one, yet you go to and with people – to be a giver of happiness
  • is a great release – from the society’s views that make us feel we need to be liked by all

Your solitude is your blessing – don’t let it go wasted by pushing yourself to people.

Your thoughts are your text messages

It has been scientifically proven now that what we think about another human being, reaches them with accuracy of an sms. It doesn’t matter whether they are around or on another continent….they will definitely feel what you feel about them.

If we check to observe what kind of messages we are sending throughout the day, will we change our messages?

More so, researches have also proven our mind becomes like who it thinks about.

If the other person is thinking of you, what do you want them to reach? The uncensored messages that were being sent so far, or maybe you should give a shot at sending a message you want them to think about you.

And be the evidence to results.

Ice Cream Highs

It’s beautiful summer and that creates cravings for ice creams.

Eating ice cream brings us back to try another flavour next time.

Just a bit of info here: the number of times you lift ice cream stick / cone / bowl is inversely proportionate to the number of times you lift weights in the gym.

Which brings us, to the inevitable diseases that follow on not taking care of your health such as diabetes, high BP, cardiac arrests, and not to mention poor decision making power because of inability to flex the brain muscles.

Each person has to make a lot of frequent visits to either of these: doctors or gyms.

Decide, your money, your cravings and most importantly, your visits.


Leave a piece of paper early morning at the rise of sun and come back to it at sunset. The paper remains still.

For few moments the next day, go to it with a piece of magnifying glass.

Now the paper burns because of focus.

Having your goals is like Day 1. Kept in the sun. Left to external situations.

Day 2 is for the obsessed ones. They see nothing and no one other than their goals.

They do not care about what their neighbours think, have zero interest in new season of GoT, forget when did they last check their social media, and have total unavailability of time for thinking about the past.

Just them and their goals and their few most important people. Nothing else matters. That is when the paper burns because of focus.

The deep craving to give up

Choosing a different path from the rest of the society is easy. Staying constantly connected to that path even when you are not “seeing results” is the courageous choice.

Most people don’t fail because they don’t have the courage to try. People fail because they don’t have the courage to persist.

If you are at a point in your life when things simply feel torn apart and there is going to be no way, remember there is a way. People don’t divorce our siblings or parents then why do they divorce our baby dreams which they nurtured with so much love?

No child starts walking at the first attempt.

Be patient and persistent and never give up. No matter how many times you have read this, you will understand the diversity of this statement when you actually live it unrelentingly.