Hence, proved

A lot of people walk around the world with the purpose to prove themselves – prove that they are right, prove that they have achieved a lot, prove that there is nothing that can pierce them, etc.

While all of that may be true, what it does is, sap away all our energy and efforts that could be used to create another masterpiece.

Remember, masterpieces can be created only by those who are polite, humble and most importantly, giver of qualities. And you can be giver of qualities NOT by speaking them rather by living them.

One who tries to prove is perhaps arrogant and arrogance can never lead to power, even if it does, it is more of fear than real power.

Hence, use your power to create more masterpieces, to use less of me and you, and more of us, and more than anything else, to uplift everyone else in your presence and never to prove.



A grand thing today may have went wrong. It’s okay.

Thousand grandest things are working perfect. Get out of one wrong and do those thousand perfectly…that is the way of the hero.

Because guess what, if things don’t ever go wrong, we will never realise the importance of gratitude and what a wonderful therapy it is. Right?

And every single person you know, failed more than they got successful. Success is always a numbers game Dude.

The Secret Tips

If you apply these secret tips, you will get results while holidaying in Miami 😅😅.

That doesn’t happen, because to be able to have results while sitting on a beach, what is most required is to do the hard work to do that.

That requires patience. That requires power. That requires the power to do the work and not go for parties to the world.

Do epic work.

And when you are trying too hard and things are not falling right, do check this article on clearing up your brain.

Sit back and chill

Who here waits for the weekend to come and binge watch Netflix?

Who is waiting for money to come while you are visualising and doing nothing?

Who is getting jealous of their friends and waiting they fail?

Sit and talk with yourself.

Raise your energy levels, because someone with zero followers, if they copy an Influencer’s content, they are never going to get traction.

Traction and loyalty is earned. Earn it. Let people know who you are, one drop at a time.

It will happen when you mercilessly cut back time on what’s not important to you.

Time is going by. If you wait for the right time, maybe no tomorrow would occur.

Okay Zomato, be more intuitive

Okay, this was fun.

Zomato has started applying the McD strategy of “Would you like to have a Coke?” by adding an option of the drink at the bottom.

That’s cool.

What could have been cooler, is that it tracked my past purchases and offered me butter milk instead. It would have been a no-brainer for me!

A little innovation along with borrowing from fellow brands, would make the customer stop Swi-ngagement!

Output factory

You are what you do.

What you do, is who you are.

Who you are, is what you nurture every single day.

What you nurture every single day, are the thoughts that get into your head.

What thoughts get into your head, depends on what you do in your days – whether you read inspirational stuff or you scroll through social media feeds waiting for validation.

This brings life to a full circle – what you do (output), is totally related with what you do (input).

To get the output right, you know you need to focus on input and make it superpowerful.

Friendship and yoga shot

You don’t celebrate friendships day one day a year and forget your friends for the remaining 364 days. Do you?

That’s exactly the case with yoga. There is no point of doing it on International Yoga Day and using your phone instead of yoga mat for the remaining days.

Friends, friendship day is the day to treat yourself like you would treat your best friends – with nurturing, care and of course, priority.

Like you would get out of office, quit a family function, or even travel a thousand KMs to meet your friend, perhaps it’s a good day to become your own friend as well and take care of your health that is almost lost in “making an impact/ building your legacy/ raising that empire”.

Waiting for the right time? What could be better than friendship day to begin with?

“Request your card please”

Huge dismal, halfway tucked in shirt, and with zero eye contact, the customer service representative repeated the line taught to him in training: “Request your card please.”

What do you think the customer notices?

The #polite words or the raw, robotic behaviour given because of an unhealed past pain?

AI is not taking over us, we are willingly giving ourselves away to AI.

If we become more human, AI will only become more AI. It just cannot replicate the eye contact and aura and charm and warmth of seeing a customer in the eye.

It is your niche 🙂

Bridge pose

If you’ve ever done or witnessed bridge pose, you know for sure it requires tremendous strength.

Well, bridges in real life also require tremendous strength.

The good thing is not to build bridges.

The good thing is to make sure you don’t burn those bridges. It does not mean hold resentment. It simply means, set the limits beyond which only your family and closest friends are allowed.

You are you, and let no one enter and ruin that you. Because chances are, if they did in the past, they may do it again dude!