Being nice

As we walk out into the world, we just wanna be nice. Nice to everyone. We do not want to hurt anyone. Do not want to bring anyone down. Everyone should be happy with us. All cool. Or perhaps it isn’t. Because doing all the above will take a lot of energy out of you […]

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Freedom and happiness

Freedom is free thoughts whilst outer boundaries. It is easy and solid to be free when you are granted the freedom. Create your freedom when you are tied to a rope. Do not be brought up like the metaphorical elephant. That will give you sustained happiness. That water cannot wet and wind cannot dry. And […]

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Degrees of awesomeness

Why do we do the good that we do? Are we really the awesome person who is doing the good, or are we a good work in progress who just wants to ensure that we do good, or we simply do the good so that no one points out at us for not doing the […]

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How to get what you need

The only thing we all need is getting out of this habit of needing and wanting. You are completely full. You are perfectly awesome. Your creation has been done in perfect craft of the Creator. Nothing less than perfect could ever come from The Giver, God. So why do we all struggle so much? Because […]

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Nishkaam sewa

My father always teaches me to do “nishkaam sewa”, which means service done without the intention of receiving in return. Because that, in spirit, is true service. Let us extend this service to our life. Work being done in office not for our yearly appraisal, rather for the joy of doing good work. Loving our […]

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