Get committed to solitude

A happy human is identified by their comfort in solitude. If someone is happy when they are alone, entire world belongs to them.

It does not matter whether you live alone or with your family, we all must learn to sit in silence, get still and find our center. That is our biggest job, and it is never ending.

The “figure everything out” phase will go on till the time we are blessed with breaths of oxygen.

How will you ever be able to allow anyone else to make you happy unless you’ve become your best friend and known every part of you?

So right now, just get outta your phone, raise your head up and breathe. Action is required from you and before that action you need to decide why are you taking the action you are taking.


Roar of regrets

Most people regret not following their dreams.

There are also ones who regret not following up on their dreams.

A very well respected friend whom everyone around him thinks to be an approachable, people person shared his.

He plays cricket for a sports ministry and wanted to make career in it. In his midlife currently and playing since school days he wanted to pursue career in cricket. Since he did take a lot of steps towards it and probably failed, he now complains that because of his dream of cricket he could not do anything else.

This is called sad follow-up with dreams.

Don’t we all fail?

Isn’t that the price for true success?

More than that, haven’t we all had dreams that were shattered into pieces?

Yes we all have. Every single person has. Even the most successful person has failed more than what has been published about them.

Failure is inevitable. What is most important is to fall in love with your dream more than failure.

I feel sorry for my friend because he thinks he could have been better, yet didn’t find himself worth it. Only blessings to him.

How do you reward yourself with self love daily by inching a step closer to your dreams?

A big project does not come alive in a day, yet did you do what you were supposed to do in a day?

Taking those broken pieces

All of us have been broken into pieces at least once or even more times.

We do deserve healing. The mistake most of us make is, expecting those who broke us in the first place to come and mend us.

Since the root of expectation is not right, there won’t be any results.

What if you expect all that from yourself instead of them? Take each broken piece and lovingly be your own healer.

No matter how fierce suffering you may have gone through there is always and always going to be a perspective: to go through the pain instead of avoiding it, learning the lessons that came out of it; and most importantly learning where do you need to realign yourself by understanding the cause why did you attract that suffering into your life.

You may be broken temporarily, you are complete always: even in the midst of that trauma.

When change sticks

We go to a conference or retreat and are fully charged up.

Then why does its effect wither over a period of a week?

Because we think that since we have changed, the entire world must also have changed without attending the conference in the first place.

The next time you go through a transformation and want it to stick, learn it with purpose of not only implementing it alone, rather also implementing and being successful with people.

Especially the ones who press our buttons.

Then the change will not only stick, it will become ingrained in your subconscious.

If money could buy goodness

Loads of money is cool. Yet, it is a magnifier. If you are a bad person more money will make you worse. If you are an Angel more money means world will be blessed with more of your Angelic nature.

This morning I bumped into the man who cleans my car. He was on his bike taking his three little kids to school. Before we started to talk anything, all three of them said “Namaste” to me with a beautiful authentic smile.

Here’s the catch: maybe they do not have so much money right now or maybe they do, these kids will grow up to become amazingly happy human beings that their parents will be proud of.

Here’s the bigger catch: Along with pursuing your to-do and money goals, focus on becoming a better person each day. Never give it in thinking you know it all, always be a lover and learner of life, and prosperity and abundance of happiness is going to surround you forever.

Without exception.

What really helps

Scrolling never helps, strolling does: by eliminating the need for scrolling.

More free time is cool, what is cooler is what you do with the free time you currently have.

Being richie rich is awesome, what really helps is saving investing at least 15-20 % of your current income, no matter how much you “need” it. (Remember compound interest, 5th grade in school?)

Being peaceful is a luxury, which becomes more luxurious when peace does not go away when someone else tries to attack you emotionally.

Being nice and kind with those who earn lesser salary than you is not a favour to them, it is a step for you to move closer to humanity.

Sitting down for meditation is not only for those who have a lot of time, rather very important for those who “need more time”.

Quite often our worldview is perplexed which in the long (and short run) helps no one. Perhaps this is the right time to change our thinking before it gets too late.

Too late means being bedridden, or falling off an easy step because of being too much focused on work instead of being in the moment, or maybe saying something bad which (words) you cannot take back.

Own your life. One small choice at a time.

The problem with letting go

There is a huge problem with letting go. Fortunately, it is not of the other person.

The problem is we think everything needs to be right and aligned and revenge needs to be sought and someone else needs to suffer and we need to lose an inch off our waist and people around us need to elevate our ego and then we may think of finally letting go.

Well, that is not letting go. That is expecting someone else to burn while you are holding a hot iron ball in your hands.

Ain’t gonna happen dude.

Since the problem is not with someone else, it is a good news because now we can change it.

Change of letting go begins with simply letting go. When you start letting go with the small things your mind becomes conditioned to the fact that the outside validation it used to survive the primal instincts on, do not exist anymore.

That my friend, is the beginning of transformation. 🙌🏻