Grand scheme of things

In the grand scheme of things, what matters the most is:

  • How much we appreciated the blessings and people around us.
  • How consistent we were, in our words on the people’s back, and in front of them.
  • How easily we slayed our ego, towards what was most important for us.
  • How much we filled our cup, because nothing can flow out of an empty cup.
  • How often did we practice what matters in the grand scheme of things.

Wrong or right

Situations pop up in our life which make us disbelieve in ourselves. Then there are the criticisms and people and situations trying to make you like them.

Here is the catch: your heart already knows what it wants and where it wants to go. Even in the middle of a crises, your heart knows the answer. Give it some time in solitude.

The Awesomeness Salon

What if this morning you woke up inside an awesomeness salon? What if that awesomeness salon had the answers to all your questions? What if you could radiate and be in best of the best happiness and awesomeness all the time in that salon? What if all your time in that salon made you either productive or ponder something that is empowering to you?

And what if……that salon is……

Your Own Companionship.

Most of us have lost touch with the child that we were born, and have unconsciously adopted the masks well-intentioned close people have given us. You do not need to carry them. Ever. You need to return home to who you are as a human being. Possibility amidst pessimism. Power amidst allegations. Prayer and peace amidst chaos. Productive, creative and rising forward amidst already given up tribe. Uplifting amidst pulling down. Happiness and gratitude amidst difficulty.

That is who you are. All the negativities that have been fed into your mind are simply illusions if you are willing to enter the awesomeness salon of your life. And then, what would happen is, anyone who enters the awesomeness salon of your life, is going to get what all you have. That is service. That is humanity. That is being the hero.

How to make everything okay

It is all going to be okay, once you shift your eyes from what is wrong to making them right, along with using your power of discernment.

It is a world filled with multiple types of people having multiple thought processes and priorities. What matters for me may be negligible for you or vice versa. The only thing that matters for both of us is to feel great.

Why not do that by making an attempt to make things great, even of the other person in front of you is wrong, unjust and unfair? No one, and absolutely no one has the right to take away your power to respond, and you can respond in peace, patience and with the intention to fly and lift them up in the process.

No one, and no situation can deny you of that. Just remember, you are infinite. Simply focus on becoming infinite and never coming down from the wings to taste the dust of impossibilities.

In the joy of life

You may be probably battling through your struggles and somewhere you observe something…..a co-worker being insanely happy, a nice picture of the trending celebrity, an old letter from a friend, or the run of your child around the house. This special something, it just makes you feel a little bit different and internally veryyy fulfilled.

Request to you: pause right there. Your life is speaking to you all the time. Listen to this whisper and go inside the cave where your happiness is yelling you to come at it.

Will you? Today? One small step? Please?