Tear time

Something pierces you prickier than a needle.

Yes you want to cry out loud and just go change all things with your anger.

Pain, misery, not knowing what to do are the symptoms you begin to experience.

Until suddenly…

you get to know that what you are seeking for lies inside of you. The fatal chains holding you back have now actually been released. You actually now start using Your Internal Power. That which ice cannot freeze, hammer cannot shatter, words cannot break. This power is eternal. Unconquerable. Indestructible.

Your and mine job number one is: to remember that power and give the light to others to shine in their own power. Rest all is simply the byproduct.

Today, make the choice to choose your eternal power.

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You know you are obsessed with achieving it when you are in the middle of doing an unwanted thing.

Or when you are lying curled up, and you are thinking of it.

And always in your shower. Without a doubt.

What is this “it” that you and I are obsessed about? The “it” is the next step that we know in the deepest valleys of our hearts that we must do.

The “it” holds you, calms you, soothes you, is your oxygen and most importantly, shouts out loud when you don’t do “it”.

Will you do “it” today? Your heart is waiting for you.

The quickest way to growth

You probably do not want to max out more work in your already busy day.

Great, let us go to this quick high: the quickest way to grow is to enjoy the process. Summit is simply one of the outcomes of your beautiful journey.

The more you will worry about the final destination, less sexy you would feel about the way to that destination. The more you will start feeling adventurous about the process, happiness, awesomeness, joy and also the ego pursuits like fame, fortune, likes take care of themselves.

The stress

Monday. Week begins. So does stress.

My question to you: will the work pressure ever come down? No.

Are you superproductive when you are easy and happy? Yes. Beyond the wildest imaginations.

So irrespective of the stress being tossed at you, the decision to accept that stress or to create productivity based out of your mental peace, is technically your choice.

Why not make that choice? Today.

Risk of failure

Tell me a human being who learned to walk in the very first crawl.

Tell me a scholar who never failed a test.

Tell me a human being having abundantly wonderful relationships who was never before in a lousy one.

Tell me a hardworking, smart millionaire who did not have to struggle to make the ends meet when they were starting.

Somewhere we do need to come out of the trajectory that outside success is good and outside failure is bad. If you really keep persisting and learn to treat the failure as your coaching lesson, then you are a successful person.

Success is the ability to solve problems for people and make their lives better. Then, by all means, your success is dependent on how you welcome failure.

Do not resist it. Allow it. Feel it. Let its whispers be guiding stones in your next step. And in so doing, outwardly success is just a by-product. 😊

Purely dependent on who uses who. You use the failure and better ride over it. Please.

Self hate

The world is there to teach you how to hate. You may learn it from there.

Or you may create your own new world.

And start loving yourself instead.

Doing the work to do the work.

Not depending on the appreciation of others to make us feel nice.

Rather giving appreciation to all.

Because we can give only what we have.

No matter how much litter someone throws at you.

You decide. At all times. What to give back.

You decide. Love yourself and create a world where we all love ourselves and each other.

Respect the human behind those two eyes.