We all have this, and so we are the richest

In a world where we feel incompetent to survive, what matters the most is to make the best use of what you already have. Once we become competent enough to exercise our latent powers, we become more powerful to adopt and exercise the external greatness that is waiting to be expressed through us. This inner power is the power to focus. Our focus determines our locus. The things we focus on are the things that are going to determine our destiny. As hard as it sounds, the truth is that we are creating our future by what we are doing today.

So let us burn all our boats and focus on the following questions:

  • If I had to give one lesson of life to a kid who is very important to me, what would that lesson be?
  • Am I really after the goals and priorities of my life, or am I caught up in the thick of thin things?
  • What works, what doesn’t work?

It is the fact of life that no human being is different from other in their mind. What really drives the top 5 percent of the population is the quality of questions they ask. Ask and you shall receive. Make sure you ask intelligently, so that amazing things begin to show up in your life.

As we move through life, there are going to be tough times. In these tough times, we must lean into the discomforts that horrify us, by staying laser focused on the priorities and goals of our lives. It is easy for a coward to ignore the wonderful opportunity and lose focus with getting engaged with distractions. What makes amazing people who grace the planet earth is that their relentlessness and energy always triumphs, no matter what.


Never really thought about this


We are here playing our part in the world drama because we all are meant to achieve some real greatness and success in our lives. What very few people realise, is that you have to possess some very important riches before material success shows up in your life.
These riches include kindness, empathy, courage, grit and grateful attitude.

We will talk about kindness today. What is the point of being alone in your richness party? What is the point of having material success at the cost of hurting every human being?

“Be kind to everyone, because every single person you meet, is fighting a hard battle,” said the Buddha. If we get angry at someone, let us be mindful of the fact that whatever they do, is to the best of their knowledge. If we act from a standpoint of a detached observer, we will find that the titbits that rob us of our temper do not matter in the bigger perspective. What all matters is how kind we were.

Even though there is a very typical and difficult situation, remember that getting angry is always an option and never a necessity. If we make kindness a necessity, it will pop out under all circumstances, good or not so good.

Most importantly, you get the first and best serving, of whatever you give to others. There is no doubt why people scolding everyone around them look decades older. There is also no surprise that people being light hearted in their conversations win over the hearts of everyone and look decades younger.

We get what we tolerate in life, and that shapes our destiny. There is no better time than now, to make the choices that will change the direction of the waves, forever.

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Thank you


Nishtha Gehija

The problem with our problems

Most of us have a common problem with our problems: we think we should not have them. So when they do arise, we try to get rid of them.
The fact of matter for Everyone is this: Life is not happening to us, it is happening for us. Each and every circumstance in our life has brought us to the point where we are today. Sometimes we try to make sense of them, and the fact is they were unjust and did not make sense at all. We were and are deeply touched and pierced by our problems and we must be.

The question is: what are we going to do with it? How are we going to use the problem that presented itself in our life? It is not easy to let go of the pain and move forward with the lessons. Very difficult. So is staying in the past. What do you want your life to turn into? Do you want your hunger to be dismayed into guilt and prejudice or do you want to turn the table around with your attitude?

The most important fact of the matter is this: you matter more than you ever thought possible. Even though the society might have vaccinated you to think otherwise. The very fact that you are here reading this tells us that there are infinite stories and lessons that the world needs to learn through you. So much that you make the world proud because of your occurrence.

So go out there and make your impact. It will be the lighthouse to millions of people on the planet. Every story is. Because in the end, only dead people do not have problems. Also, only the ones who remain graceful and grateful amidst the wolf-clothed priceless lessons, come out with shining colours, colours that colour every life they touch.


Commitment is more important than if-then


You may have been in a situation where both the options feel equally possible and suitable. We all go through such situations in life.
How to come to a decision that is the best one? Easy. Focus on your values. Think over the values that govern your behavior, and then take action.

Writing this in monsoon reminds me of an analogy that I used to witness almost every rainy day in my home as a young child. Back then, we used to commute through two-wheelers. Since it was a tedious task to do while it was raining, my father got a raincoat for all of us. So that we all could reach our destinations pumped up with energy and in a presentable state. Never ever did this idea cross the mind of either of us that my father should bunk his work, my sisters should bunk their colleges and coaching, or I should bunk my school. We all had this mission very clear, rather sub-consciously imbued into us that we needed to keep our priorities straight. Since we all were committed to being the masters of our own destiny instead of letting the uncontrollable situations control us, here the weather, we also had a deep sense of accomplishment and contentment.

Fast forward to today, if we see the great population delivering abundant value in their work, all have this common attribute: they are focused on doing great work, irrespective of what the outer circumstances hold for them. This is the reason they are successful. All the things in life that we adore, that we rather deserve, do not just show up. They have to be proactively cultivated in order to be experienced. Without planting and watering the seeds, only weeds grow. And I am sure you want your garden to be blessed with the finest of plants.

Let us look at the following steps which may help us in becoming a superhuman committed to action and results, which affects everyone around her:

1.      Make a note of your priorities and look at them every morning and evening. Put them up on your bathroom mirror. Thus, when you are confronted with a challenging situation, you know that getting a raincoat and stepping up into the game is the best option instead of sitting back.

2.      Be the CEO of your job. Take 100 percent responsibility for the task that you are delivering. In a football match, if a team loses because of the most of the members, even though the star player performed well, if the star player is the CEO of his art, he will think of the things he could do, so that the team performs better next time.

3.      Be all about giving. The world is a lesser place if we have not played our potential. The society is less happy if we did not deliver onto out values. The kids did not learn enough if you did not model excellence. With all this in mind, you will focus on your commitments instead of your fears. You will be unstoppable. And you will amaze the world with your excellence.
In the end, I would leave you with a question: Are you satisfied with the world operates today? I know I am not. So that is why this blog is an attempt to make the world a little better, consistently and givingly. What are you going to do in order to make the world better?

If you have not yet read my book “This is What You Are Looking For” grab your copy at Amazon and also leave a review. Also, share in the comments below about the action steps arising out of today’s blog post. Together we will change the world: one game changing move at a time, by every single one of us.

Thank you


Nishtha Gehija

This is true power


Power is utilisation of the infinite resources that we have.

Power is building your life based upon systems instead of leveraging willpower for your tasks.

Power is staying true to your vision and dreams so that you can show all of us what awesomeness means.

Power is letting go of the need to control, once you have done the best that you were supposed to do.

Power is opening up to the small gifts in your life like the smile of a child or the wind blowing across your face, because experiencing these is what truly matters.

Power is knowing the priorities of your life and devoting 90 percent of your time to them, so that you make all of us better, by making the world better through your work.

Power is also having the grit to succeed and use every apparent failure as the foundation stone of success, because it is.

If you have not yet read my book “This is What You Are Looking For” grab your copy at Amazon and also leave a review. Also, share in the comments below about the action steps arising out of today’s blog post. Together we will change the world: one game changing move at a time, by every single one of us.

Thank you


Nishtha Gehija

What is awesomeness unlimited?


When you consider your life as a blessing, it turns into one. Even though there may be roadblocks, as there must be, in order to make your way, every single one of us does have a unique purpose for placement on this planet.

When you make yourself all about giving outrageous value and paying regard to all the people around you, that is what bounces back in your life.

When you let go of the anger, the fear and the blame, they let go of you.

When you be patient and disciplined towards your craft, results simply sprout up, quicker than you think.

And when you open your true self up to the world to be vulnerable, possibilities open up in ways you could have never imagined.

This is awesomeness unlimited.

What to do when you feel hurt?


As we walk through life, we are going to get hurt. As the human being in all of us wants to expand the love that is inherent in all of us, we will end up creating the results that we did not desire. That is a part of the entire process called life.

Falling down is the most important part in learning to walk, if we know how to get back up. So what to do when we fail miserably in a situation in life? Ask yourself the Oprah question: “What is this trying to teach me?” There is no situation in life that is not meant for benefitting us. Sometimes we just do not recognize the lesson draped in it and so, we end up creating the same mistake twice or even more than that. Even though you put in your best efforts to make the situation a success, there is a life lesson for you always, and as you recognize it, you come out of it stronger and more peaceful.

Also, as you see different successful people on the planet going through successive successes, do not mistake that by lack of difficulties. Rather, it is the courage to face the difficulties that slowly turned the feelings of being upset into the feelings of comfort in challenges.

So dear reader, congratulate yourself that you have been heartbroken and therefore feeling upset, because you had the courage to go to the new, to know yourself better, and when you remember the following, feeling upset at the time of difficulty will slowly be transmitted into transcending the difficulty:

1. Gratitude is the cure for uncertainty and fear. Most of the things that we have around us are luxuries for a majority of the population. As you cultivate gratitude for the little things in your life, solving the difficult situation in life will become less intense and clearer.

2. Think of the ways you could have done better in a challenging situation. Even though you did your best, there are no limits to getting better. Once we learn to let go of the urge to justify ourselves, avenues open up that would lead to nothing but our growth, both emotionally and psychologically.

3. Think different. In order to think different, expose your mind to different ideas. In order to expose your mind to different ideas, take different actions. This means that if you have never read a book, go read a book that tells you how to accelerate your mindset. If you read 10 books a week, read 12 this time. As you expose your mind to novel ideas, you will develop the strength and the power to come out stronger.

4. Finally, please remember what Napoleon Hill said: “Every adversity has the seed of equivalent or greater benefit.” You just need to change your lens through which you see the world. Because through its obstacles, life is simply polishing us in its small, generous ways.

If these suggestions and ideas have been helpful to you, share them with a friend who needs to get out of feeling of feeling upset. Maybe one share of yours changes the direction of their lives entirely.

If you have not yet read my book “This is What You Are Looking For” grab your copy at Amazon and also leave a review. Also, share in the comments below about the action steps arising out of today’s blog post. Together we will change the world: one game changing move at a time, by every single one of us.

Thank you


Nishtha Gehija