One stop solution for your search

Why do majority of the population does not get success in their endeavors? Because they put in a little bit of effort and expect the results to just show up and give them what they had been desirous of. 

What we need to understand is that life was never meant to be an immediately fulfilling desire box. Life was meant for you to evolve from your current level of understanding to the next,  bigger level of awesomeness and understanding. 

What and who would you be if you did not encounter the trials and ordeals on your route to amazingly awesome? 

What level of depth would you be living your life at had you not wept and wept while the demons took you over? 

How shallow your thoughts would have been if you had not learnt how to let go of things that are weighing you down?

The best thing that could ever happen to each one of us is that we are not directly given up the platter ready with our desires. We go through the small or long process of becoming our desires,  that leads to the last and the least significant part: external manifestation.

Think about it.


Take care of…… 

Majority of the population loses their happiness on seeing a nice selfie of someone else on the social media, especially if they are going through a difficult phase of life. What we do not understand is this, that everyone has their seasons of life. No one is ever going to remember to take their selfie when they are crying alone curled up on their bed. 

Loneliness has this immense power with it that it really makes us meet ourselves in a world where most of us have lost ourselves behind the blue light of the screens. This loneliness, this encounter of you with yourself, is so preciously important that could not be ever defined in words. It makes you feel yourself. It whispers silently in your ears,  that it’s okay, all will be okay in the end. Also, it silently nudges to you, that everyone opens only that part of themselves with the world that they want them to see, you are amazingly awesome in your shoes; that is exactly the place where you need to keep shining.

Oh, and btw: You have magic within you,  and the wand in your hands. 🤗

Abundance of awesomeness to all you brave souls in their small and significant pursuits to change the world,

Nishtha Gehija 

Being liked

Being liked is a very scary place to be. You rarely have the space to be yourself because you are busy impressing others.

Why not try the other way round? Be yourself. From that place, sooner or later, everyone is going to accept you instead of you trying to force yourself on others.

Oh and btw: you will save yourself from wasting your valuable time to be who you are not. (Could also fruitfully utilize this time on studying your craft, which unfortunately majority of the population does not.)

Kindness, uh? 

A swan picks pearls from the water,  and never stones. A lotus flower grows in mud,  however,  in order to retain its splendor, it stays up and above the mud,  in it and detached from it. Most of the successful people in every arena had humble or even difficult beginnings,  what drove them and still drives them is the focus on the goal instead of the current situation.

Now let us look within. We need to check: do we convert waste thoughts and feelings into pure thoughts and creativity? Does our mood change with the words and actions of others? Are we doing the right thing which we intuitively feel right or most often we are driven by the right of others? 

It is time to pause and check yourself. Kindness usually refers to being nice and human with others.  Today, let us hinge the door of kindness inwards. We will talk about being kind with ourselves. Once we do that, kindness to other human beings comes out naturally. 

The world that we live in,  has many people filled with anger,  jealousy, stress, etc. Instead of expecting other people to show up to do the same, you need to become the leader in real sense and display an act of kindness. Even if people are upset or angry with you. Even if they curse you. What flows out of you is what you will receive first, before anyone else. 

Few points on how to cultivate kindness for yourself:

1. Make it a point to convert the waste within yourself into pure thoughts. Life cycle is as simple as this: If you want a special quality of life, look only for specialities in other human beings. 

2. Spend time with yourself and know what gives you joy. Practice and celebrate your feelings of joy. Yes,  you are the celebrity of your life. You must have the discipline to create and cultivate your joy. As long as what gives joy to you does not harm you or any other human being, it will make you kinder.

3. Make an attempt to drive the waste thoughts out of your mind. 

Oh,  btw and fyi: you are more important and special than you ever imagined.

The “IT” Factor

You know in your heart whether you have “it” in yourself or not. Ever known someone who can navigate any situation in their life with grace and ease? They all are using what it-ness they are blessed with. So can all of us.

Too often in life, when we are not able to live our life in alignment with the standards we have set for ourselves, we tend to feel miserable. This creates doubt that all those people who are living a life that they adore, are doing so by sheer luck. Here is the truth: we all face seasons of life that make us meet our strengths as well as weaknesses. We all have our auras wherein we feel the most alive and circumstances that question our faith. The very best choose to use the challenges of their life by reminding themselves of their innate power, instead of allowing the baton of dominion to be held by people and circumstances.

What I want to remind you is this: you are powerful beyond measure. We all have “it” in ourselves, that can help us navigate beautiful times and less pleasant times.

“It”, simply put, is the faith in yourself that you are stronger than you think, and can be the stunning example of power and vitality that you feel authentic with. The “it” factor is ever-present in every single one of us. The more we start using it, the more we start recognizing its presence within.

Btw, just the greatest truth of all times: you always have a choice.

Eternal Peace

Is definitely not going to be found up in the mountains. You do not have to leave your family, friends and work in order to find it. Yes, you also do not have to get unemotional with the world surrounding you and you can still find it.

Well, here is the revelation: Eternal peace is your nature.

Yes, amidst all the noises of the world: metaphoric and literal, it is possible to find and experience eternal peace on a consistent basis.

My question to you is: “How madly and obsessively do you want it?”

If you are keen enough to do the little, yet consistent work to have consistent FaceTimes with your eternal peace, here is the deal:

  1. Listen to your intuition. This silent nudge creates all the miracles.
  2. Be you. No one else. Please.
  3. Go into the wilderness without any gadget. Yes, even if you do use the audiobooks, sometimes you just need time for yourself and only you. The answers that you will receive for your life will be spellbinding.
  4. Love yourself like you love others. What say???
  5. Take an End-of-day selfie with what you did and write in your journal the reality that you want to manifest. Where focus goes, energy flows, results happen (Peace…..the byproduct J)

We all will experience eternal peace on a consistent basis only if we wake up to see who we really are and what amazingly wonders we are made up of. Just joy. Pure joy.

Oh, and btw, did I tell you, that you are more that special to the entire world? We all need you. Even if you cannot see your own light as of now, I just want to remind you that there does exist, buried deep within each one of us, the extravagantly shining light that is unique to each one of us. It cannot be taken away, nor ever be dimmed. Yes, to do the task of removing the stains accumulated compoundingly over it, is your Job  # 1, so that we all may be fortunate enough to have witnessed and inspired from your light.

Amidst the chaos

It is the nature’s law that every human being who does not run away from chaos, who does not even think about giving up, and rather the one who does not treat chaos as a chaos is destined to be gifted with wondrous jewels that will transcend the chaos that preceded it.

Our worth as human beings is determined not what we do in the face of happiness and abundance, rather it is measured by how we face the difficult situations in our life. Do we have the grace and dignity to look at the person in the mirror and tell them that no matter what, I am going to have you back, whom I had lost so diligently by taking care of everyone outside and never ever carving out time to go within?  Do we have the maturity to accept that no matter where we are in our life right now, in order to grow, we must face and overcome obstacles; and it is as simple as the Mario game?

When the world is apparently rigged in your favor, it is easy to be grateful and wonderfully amazing. The question is, how much have we trained our mind, our body, our hearts and our souls to be graceful under fire and accept responsibility for themselves?

This requires constant attention. Daily morning visualization and evening journaling and recording are great and ultra-important, what do you do and how do you handle your life between these two events every single day? Do you check in with yourself in silence every minute after every 59 minutes? Are you studying the courses to let the training of power be ingrained in you? Do you purposefully schedule reading and journaling so that you are even a better person today than you were yesterday?

Here is the hot truth: you are going to make tones of money, travel around the world, have scores of friends, and yet be unhappy and unfulfilled, if you do not focus on improving yourself in all areas of your life, including your mindset. A joyful life is lived with intention, and when the intentional execution is done, let it go. Because you are important. Precious. The world will be an amazing place if we get to meet You on a consistent basis. The world is going to have role-models to override chaos because they have been uplifted by your example.