Is choice always available?

Morning alarm: choice – wake up and be grateful for the day or check notifications and hamper your creativity

Going to the office: choice – with the passion to change the world or to join the water-cooler gang

At home: choice – either to be fully present and enjoying for your family or to download the grudges of the world to your loved ones

We all have a choice. Every time. Even when the things are going against us and the normal person would go into a deep pit, an extraordinary human being carves out moments to be joyful and be present.

The future belongs to those who are alive in the beauty of the now. Beauty in the chirping birds, wonderfully constructed highway and even the dedication of service staff in our office. Yes there are going to be awesomely challenging moments, and they must, because the darkest of the moments reveal to us our greatest lights.

The fact is that no amount of motivation or pushing will work in your favor unless you make the decision to take a forward momentum in your life. You just have to make a choice to move forward or to remain stuck, complaining about what is happening right now.

So why are we talking so much about making a choice? Because a choice requires willpower; and using the finite supply of willpower to make great choices is what makes an Edison different from a wannabe scientist, or a Zuckerberg different from the “also coded”. Are all super-achievers the same or are they simply great choice makers? No, they are not at all same, they simply make wondrous choices that land them in what we call their dream destination. The real source of reaching that destination is, having a pre-determined choice to work upon their art, and leaving no room for the willpower to intervene and affect that choice.

Do you know that life is a continuum of choices? One great spiritual figure, Dadi Janki was once asked by a journalist, that how she maintained the energy and vigor like an adolescent at the completion of a century in her life? Her reply was: “Because I do not waste my energy.” Every morning we wake up with a full glass of water. We just have to remember that the water does not get spilled over at the distractions of the world. Yes, all that we are looking for is within us only, are we focused on self development to this extent that we blind ourselves from the pessimisms of the world.

Each one of us has a choice to visualize our future self in the now, and then act in the moment. Life will manifest its prestigious and honorable gifts to all of us, once we make ourselves resonated with those gifts.

Today’s strategies, do not talk about “doing” the actions. These talk about the emotional and behavioral aspects of our personality, that can be altered and modified with a little bit of presence:

  1. Have fun with life. Savor singing the songs with your friends on the long drive. Savor the delicious ice-cream with the joy-enriched kids. You will regret not plunging in those moments.
  2. Treat every human being with regard. Even though they are behaving in a manner that is not pleasant, you have the humanity to be in your aura, and not someone else’s harmful aura affect your life. “Be kind to everyone, because everyone you meet is fighting a tough battle,” said the wise Buddha.
  3. No matter where you are in your life, you always have some things in your life to be grateful for. Count your blessings, and you will have more of them, and vice versa. Focusing to focus is a skill, that can be developed with practice, and yes, choice. Gratitude brings plentitude. Only when you are contended with what you have, you will be able to enjoy the mountain peak of what you want. Otherwise, it is always going to be a journey from peak to peak burning yourself out, physically and emotionally, which I do not want for yourself. Do you?

If you believe in your capacity to achieve anything, nature will correspond to the tune of your song and make you come more alive, every single day. Are you ready to make the choice, if yes, what is that choice? Please share it in the comments below, and share the blog post with a friend or anyone whom you know will be benefitted by it.

Keep rocking, and keep getting bolder.

Wondrous gratitude,

Nishtha Gehija


When you don’t feel like doing it

Today’s TAB, i.e. The Awesomeness Blog is going to take you to the place we all want to be and also do not feel like taking the ride.

When was it the last time you did something for the first time? The great higher wire walker Papa Wallenda once said: Life is lived out on a wire. The rest is just waiting. Our brain is accustomed to do the things it has been doing since years. Because the brain is not your age. It is over a billion years old and finds pleasure in doing the “easy stuff” because it does not have to stress itself out. However, when you do something difficult, your brain faces a tough exercise; and as tough physical exercises build your body muscles, tough exercises for brain, accustom it to do the stuff that is enriching and not easy.

Do we really need to do the things and crafts that are difficult? Yes we do.

Because we do not want to be stuck where we are, and we need to be constantly pushing the ball forward.

Because we come alive when we accomplish a difficult task that was initially not possible with the existing set of skills and knowledge.

Because we need to experience the fact that age, place of birth, grade schooling, et al are the factors that can be overcome once we are committed to the school of lifelong learning and growth.

Life has its own seasons as the legendary Jim Rohn said. We ought to be working on our craft because it is the craft we and only we are meant to do in the best in world manner. No one feels like all the bells ringing, people playing trumpets in their fervor and The Artist going on a velvet rug to create. Most of us do not feel like doing the very things that we are supposed to do, that will take us out of the misery and land us into the manifestation of our dreams. It happens. I have been working out with progressive overload system for years, still today morning I had the thought of taking an extra hour’s sleep instead of hitting the gym. Gratitude to education, I was aware of the physiological and psychological benefits of working out; so I donned my sports gear and made the way to the gym. Muhammad Ali also said that you are going to hate every part of the training. Robin Sharma said it so well: “If it is not hard, it is not change.”

The good news is, once you keep doing a difficult thing for a period of time, i.e. 2 months, then it becomes easier to do the difficult thing because it has become a part of you, it has become your subconscious action instead of conscious decision making. The willpower you used initially to grow those muscles is now free, and now you can use the same will to create new habits and rituals for yourself? Isn’t it stunning? Yes it is. Then why do most of the people do not do that? Because they have fallen into the disease of excusitis; and they have practiced it for so long that now it has become a part of their being.

We do not need to stop a negative habit, it will make us focus on the habit we are trying to eliminate. We only need to replace the old habit with new patterns or habits and slowly and gradually, the old ones will fade away.

Why are we talking of all this? Because awareness precedes change. Once we become aware that the resistance from the reptilian brain that we all face is common to all legendary performers, we just have to rise above what is common and have the authenticity and commitment to undertake the uncommon, that’s when our lives take a u-turn.

Thus, all you TAB readers, please consider the following reasons why you should continue on the mission of your life, irrespective of what cynical voices, within and without, say to you:

  1. Because life is a forward momentum. The irony is if you are not moving forward, you are stuck and captivated by your past. Open yourself up to the new possibilities in happiness, that will arise once you rise above the couch that is holding you back.
  2. Because when the world says you cannot do something, they are letting their fears out to you of not accomplishing anything great in their lives. Ever seen a super-achiever criticize anyone for not being able to accomplish something? It just cannot be possible. You are just one choice away from your mission, of choosing to be in the company of possibilitarians and world-class achievers.
  3. Because the mission of your life is the source of oxygen defined by you. When you find your happiness, the world has no choice but to be affected by it. An unfulfilled life is a life lived to please others. Happy life (whose by-products is success), is a life filled with passion, exuberance and grit (yes, falling down and getting back up) and wondrous levels of self-confidence.

Savor is in the climb my friend, be happy and persistent enough to taste it awesomely.

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You are the world changer

Do you know, that before you start talking to a person, you have given them a glimpse of your personality, just by being there, through your vibes? Do you know that we all affect the emotions and thoughts of physically everyone around us, even though they or we are not aware? Stunningly, do you know that one person on this planet is separated with another person through 6 degrees of separation? This means that you and your favorite celebrity who initially appeared to be inaccessible, is accessible to you through 6 middle connections. Those 6 connections, though, need to be the right ones. Why am I telling you this? Because, as you read this information and study it and analyze it, you get to know that the people who are revered and fantasized and respected and idolized are not any distinct or separate from you.

They are the people next door, who did different things.

They are the people appearing like you and I, who had the temptation to say no to a midnight chit-chat post dinner, and went back to work, making it better, despite it reaching great heights.

They were the people who were up earlier than the dawn, so as to bless the world with their craft.

These are the crazy ones, as an Apple Commercial said, because they know that through their presence and their work, they have an opportunity to change the world.

Want to emphasize this fact again: you matter just because you were born. You are reading this blog just because you are the world changer. Yes, we all face our own sets of insecurities and challenges. Well, what is a world without them? We value only those things which we earn with rigorous efforts. There is no growth involved in achieving all your desires the moment you think of them. We all are here to evolve into the most fabulous part of ourselves despite the storms that life brings at us, despite the fact that people criticize you or ignore you (because they are envious) because you are challenging the status quo.

Never ever did a conformist change the world. Those who had the authenticity to convert their inner spark of truth into fire of reform were the ones who were ultimately fulfilled and happy from within, and successful and revered in the eyes of everyone else.

Today we are going to focus on the reasons why you should do what your heart tells you for changing the society or the world for the better; or why you should persevere in your quest for excellence irrespective of what the situations are today:

  1. Because the world exists because you exist. We all are waiting for the amazing art to be presented by you so that we all can be uplifted through your example. Will you show up? For your heart’s content? For the world’s awesomeness?
  2. Because the Great Grand Plan for everyone says that we all will land up having the very thing we perceived of. Perspective makes a one-handed shooter into an only-handed best in world shooter. Perspective turns a good for nothing employee into one of the top performers.

Everyone is having the night and the day in their lives. What we choose to focus on, expands, and becomes our destiny.

  1. Because no ordinary human being dedicated to complaining would ever read a self-development blog to the very end. You are here, because you are addicted to education and growth. You are here, because you want to make an impact on the body of work you touch. You are here, because you know, that no matter how successful you are, always being a beginner is the only consistent key to success.

Before bidding adieu for today, let us remember that true power cannot be taken away from you nor can it be destroyed. It is your inherent resource, requirement is to be aware of it. Whenever you feel uneasy, requirement is to remember, that it is your responsibility to uplift all of us, and we all look at you in reverence, for changing the world for the better.

Time is yours, baby!!

Hey all you wonderful people for showing up to TAB, The Awesomeness Blog. Here, on a daily basis, we explore all the reasons for you to be awesome and all the strategies you could bring into your life to enrich your experience of awesomeness.

Today we are talking about time. Ever seen a productive and happy person talking about lack of time? Not at all. Ever seen a person having nothing to do, having time to improvise their lives? Neither. You see, we all live in a reality that we think is perfect for us. Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, various film directors, even the busiest yoga instructors: when we meet them or read about them or watch a YouTube video of them, we always find them engaged in a pursuit of something above themselves, making the world better and more fortunate to have them. Even look at the happiest of the cleaners in your office. They are up and in, to making the areas they clean look tidier, smarter and express divinity through them.

Do these awesome people ever carve out time to think that I’m making a certain sum of money per hour, and won’t go to work beyond that? Nup, they don’t have the time and willpower to go into such petty issues.

Do these awesome people carve out time to think about the way they have been producing, and always optimize the way their work is produced out to the world? Well, they never miss out on doing this.

David Schwartz said in The Magic of Thinking Big, “If you want to get an important task done, give it to a busy person.” People who have filled their life with schedules that include peak performance time, recharging time, learning time, thinking time, family time and workout time. Recent article in a popular business magazine stated that Warren Buffet spends 80% of his time thinking and learning. He reads at least 500 pages a day, which include reports about stocks, and also self help-books at the end of his workday.

The fact of the matter is, that we have more time than we perceive it to be. Abraham Lincoln said that if he had 6 hours to cut a tree, he would spend 4 hours sharpening the axe. This is what we all need to implement in our lives. When we have a schedule for the future, utter importantly for the day and the week ahead, including goals for the quarter, half year and year, and preferably schedule for the entire year, our brain goes out to figure out ways to make that schedule into a reality.

The quality of your life is the quality of your questions. Ask the right questions, and you will inevitably land up at the right answer. If you ask yourself: “Why do I screw it up always?” you will get an answer that you are probably meant to screw everything up, dude! However, if your question comes like: “What is this situation trying to teach me?” so that I learn the lesson, and get over it; then you will get the answer of the lesson hidden behind the challenging situation and it will make you stronger. Similarly, if you ask yourself the correct question of maximizing the use of your time that has space for nurturing all the areas of your life, you will end up having more time than you ever thought you had, followed by greater productivity and effectiveness as a by-product.

Please think upon the following strategies to make more time as well as more productivity and happiness to land up in your bucket:

  1. Decision is the root cause of revolution. Decide to accomplish 5 tasks every single day, including at least one difficult task for everyday. If you are not getting stronger, you are diminishing the strength of your decision muscles. This means that as you accomplish these tasks, at the end of the day, you will feel more fulfilled, happy and ready to take on the world the next day again.
  2. Learn to say no to things that are not important. This means that if you are working on an important project and your friend asks you out for a match, you will resist the temptation and work on making the world better. This also means that there will be saying no to the office water-cooler gang that hang around to discuss the flaws about what’s happening inside.

You become your conversations. Have world class conversations that are focused on growth, fun and empowerment for all, and you will have a rich mindset, that produces great results in the time in which the water-cooler gang is discussing another gossip.

  1. Dedicate specific times for social media. Set reminders on your phone which shout out: “Focus!!” in case you use any social networking site for over 10 minutes. Recent researches say that an average human being checks their phone at least 100 times a day! Just imagine, at least 100 times a day learning and growing your skills: and reaching the stage of excellence like Warren Buffet is no far away.

Remember, action is what makes the difference between the human being who produces virtuous results and the rest of the world. What action are you going to take today to produce better results? Life is waiting for you to express your loftiest ambitions.

In the end, I would like to thank you all, for carving out time to read TAB, The Awesomeness Blog. All my hatsoff to you, for being dedicated to making your life based on self-development. “Professional education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune,” with this quote from the great Jim Rohn, will sign off for today.

Please leave your comments about how you feel about TAB, and if you like it, share it with a friend and help them make a difference in the world. J


Good organisations versus not-so-good organisations

Hello and welcome back to TAB, The Awesomeness Blog.

Today, please allow me to throw some light on various career decisions we make, moving from pole to pole, in search of what we actually want from our lives.

Well, this is the very first thing we need to think about: a job is not about getting, it is about becoming more of yourself. We have studied more than what we expected ourselves to do, and then we end up asking the employers: “Hey! Have you got a job for myself?”

The better idea is to ask yourself: “What can I give to my employer?” Increase your value to such an extent that your presence and your minimal presence also makes a wondrous difference in your organisation.

Which brings me to the core challenge all industries are facing today: high employee turnover. Most of the freshers get into a job just for the heck of it, and then quit it for better pay or for some unsuitable circumstances in their present job or the brand name of the prospective employer.

Quitting a job is not a problem, once you gain a high level niche and knowledge and expertise to move on. If you love your job and are still leaving it for a better brand name, remember that brands and cultures are created by people. On the other hand, if you do not love the work you do, find the things about the current work that you do love, and steadily migrate towards your passion to create you a life of greater fulfilment.

Coming over to job turnover for young workforce, I would really suggest you to work on yourself. A successful leader is not about your position, it is about navigating through your goals through continuously uplifting and developing people. This is the real challenge. This is what job-changers hide behind as a veil to hide their fears.

Here are the questions that I would appreciate for all the youngsters changing their jobs in pursuit of something that is within them:

  1. What is the kind of work that you love doing so much that you would do, even without being paid? Then convert it into FIP (Fun, Information, Profit) for you.
  2. What is it that I’m really running away from? Usually facing the very fear the is easier than running away from it. The good news is, you have all the answers within yourself, once you sit back and get ready to meet them.
  3. How can I become more of a giver and contributor? Once you stand for something that is bigger than yourself, failures come across as stepping stones for success and meaning for life gives you all the hunger and drive.

Think over this my friend, changing jobs too quickly will make you a fresher always. Changing your circumstances for the better will make you a greater human being; and this is what we all are looking for. 😀

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How to stay happy, always?

In order to have a lifelong happiness, we first need to be aware that happiness is not the goal, it is the means to the goal. Like any other habit, the habit of happiness can also be cultivated and nurtured. All of us, literally every single one of us, are the product of our habits and rituals: both positive and unpleasant.

Have you ever realized that 95% of the actions that most of the human beings perform from waking up till going to bed at night are unconscious? We become what we repeatedly do, think, eat and believe.

So here comes the best news about habits: they were created by us. Like any other habit that does or does not support us, we can break free from the habit of misery and self-pity and enter into the world of happiness. We all may choose to rise above the gravitational forces of the masses and stay happy, even when the whole world feels otherwise.

Remember, the world exists because you exist. Similarly, the world will be happier when you will be happier. This does not in any way mean that we have to be rude and unkind. We can always cultivate ways of being decent and kind to even those who trouble us. It is all a choice that humankind and kind humans choose to make.

Before we step over to the rituals that cultivate happiness sustainably, let us focus on the following truths about happiness: (These are no universal truths that become the Bible of happiness, however, these are the states of mind of all those successful and happy people who make staggeringly continuous progress in all areas of their lives)

Truth # 1: Happiness comes to those who respect it. People talking about their gloomy moments, day in and day out rarely face the sight of happiness and fulfillment.

Truth # 2: Happiness comes from loving and respecting yourself and everyone else, no matter what. Yes, you might be facing a challenge in your life. It is alright as long as you are taking consistent positive actions to make things better. Love yourself. “The journey is the reward”, noted one of my heroes, Steve Jobs. Happiness also comes from accepting people as they are. Even though you are irked with others because you want to improve them, remember that people can only rise above when their present (perceived) bottom is grounded and accepted.

Truth # 3: And the most important of all: Happiness is your most natural state of being. This is the reason we all feel uneasy when we are frustrated, because we all naturally gravitate towards what is real. Real is the natural, natural is the happiness J

These truths will let you focus on what happiness is all about, which is definitely over and above the material and financial riches of life; and having a complete sense of well-being.

I know you want to increase your levels of happiness, this is why you are here with me exploring the ways to do it. The rituals that you can adopt right now to be more happy and fulfilled are simple:

  1. Be the person who helps most people. The secret to living is giving, and it starts with yourself and the rest of the world. The richest of the people are the biggest of philanthropists. Money does not make you richer. It makes you more of who you are. If you are a hoarder, it will start choking you even more. If you are a giver, it will make you a better giver. What you give, is what you receive.
  2. Live your life on your values. A life lived happily is the life lived to please no one. Yes, have great fun with your loved ones. Create super-productivity in your team. On what feels right to you. (…..Unfolding of magic begins!!!)
  3. Do what you love. Yes, I told this in an earlier blog post, because your “work is God made real”, as Kahlil Gibran said in The Prophet. When you do what you love, your work loves you back. This loving and loving back creates a perennial flow of happiness that could not be understood by the intelligent world. Only the “crazy ones” can feel that happiness.
  4. Have a constant self-development program for yourself. Raise your standards. This gets you in flow state. This is where you get your most advanced ideas, and by products are greater fulfillment, drive to achieve more, and more contentment in your life. (This is What YJU Are Looking For, right?)

With these action points, I promise you will encounter higher levels of happiness and fulfillment. I dare you…right now, in the comments below, write your 3 action steps to be followed this week, to experience happiness as easily as you breathe. All the very best!!

Make mental priorities your execution priorities

We all have dreams, we all set huge goals, and few of us achieve them as well. Why do many people dream and only a few of them end up in their lap, and then set a different set of goals and also achieve them, only to be happier and more fulfilled. Are these people any different than you and me? Not at all. Then why do these people who began with almost nothing, succeed in all areas of life?

Because these people have high levels of execution intelligence. They do not focus on what others are doing because it is a wonderful source of distraction and personal imprisonment. These people focus on what is most important to them, and then take daily, consistent, however big or small actions, to bring them to reality. Having the ownership of their dream, these wise, consistent, and brave people cannot even think of murdering their dreamy kids by not taking positive, fruitful action towards them.

Yes, we all face challenging situations in life. However, how we face these challenging situations are the barometer that define us. This capacity to face a difficult situation as and when it arises, is not giftwrapped and delivered along with the situation. It is developed, step by step, by working on your inner game, by carefully analyzing the wise souls and the actions that they take, by letting go of the sand of the past still clenched in your fists, and by remembering that “faith can move mountains”, you just have to possess it, set the intention and let goo.

Which brings me to another question: How many of us set a faith-filled intention for a productive, creative day every morning? You absolutely cannot let your beautiful life in the hands of other people who are not aware of their own intentions. And here your author takes the wonderful opportunity of stepping in, and helping you out, in some suggestions in setting intentions and making them a reality.

This piece is a bit different from others. Just as a building is composed of bricks, cement, stones, etc., but at the base is iron, and it never strikes upon looking at the brick that its foundation has been laid out by iron. So here are today’s (behind the scenes, i.e., iron) takeaways for setting intentions and manifesting them (Yo all you cool dudes, it is possible ☺)

  1. Simplicity is the root cause of happiness. Wealth (financial, material, physical, emotional) is possessed and enjoyed by the souls who have simplicity at the peak of their souls.
  2. Be the giver of infinity. The secret to happy living is giving. The richest of the awesomest organisations and human beings give away a tenth of their income for philanthropy. What you give away, comes back to you in a river. Check this out! It superworks!!
  3. Have clarity of your self-image. You rise or fall to the level of the image of yourself that you hold in your mind. The best news is: you can change it anytime. The more special news is: you have to remind yourself of your self-image every single day, or else the “technicalities” of the world will catch you in their toes.
  4. Lastly, remember that you always have an access to the power that is more powerful than all of us could collectively imagine. You can talk to this power as and when you like. Simply be present, and start talking or asking questions. The responses will appear to you so beautifully and masterfully, that you can hardly ever let go of it.

At the end, I would like to conclude with this point: please live this moment by setting intention for it and letting it go. You are the most important creature of the Universe. When you operate from that frame of mind, love blooms in all aspects, goes away the gloom, and all doors wide and open for transcendence of mental priorities to execution priorities!! ☺