When it’s tough, make yourself tougher 👍🏻

How wonderful success had been if it would have appeared in front of us the moment we wished it? Maybe we won’t have even valued and nurtured it. Maybe we’d have lost our sense of purpose and vitality with every bit and fragment of it.

Success is really awesome, thankfully. It makes us fall in love with it when it’s away from us, and makes us even more humble and open to life once it lands in our bounty.

We’ve always been talking about that success comes to those who do different things and also in a manner different from he rest of the world. Researchers have now proved that the greatest factor that determines success of an individual is their grit. Persistence to stay focused on their dream irrespective of the past failures or the present worries.

A pure future is created from the spotless present bearing no tinge of the past.

Is it impossible? No it ain’t. Is is difficult? Of course it is. Is it worth it? Well, your choices create your destiny.

Why we are discussing time and it’s importance whilst talking about persistence? Because persistent people have a set of standards and they keep on raising those standards irrespective of what happened in the past. Doesn’t mean that they weren’t broke. Simply means what they chose to focus on became their destiny.

Each day, as we wake up, we have a choice. A choice to move forward and to amaze the world by our very presence. All the great marvels on and outside this planet were created by people no different than you and I. We may live the same day 365 times and call it a year, or we may break free from the chains of the brain’s chatter and listen to our intuition and change the world in the process.

The billion dollar question is: What life changing choice are you making today?

All my hatsoff to the committed spirit seated within all of us!



If Kobe Bryant needs it, why not we

The legendary basketball played Kobe Bryant recently played the last match of his career. Did he play anything below the standard that was expected out of him? No, he played the last match of his life with the same zeal and enthusiasm to achieve, like a beginner does. Would playing in any lesser way could take away his accolades and fame? Neither. That is why he is Kobe. He doesn’t know anyhow how to deliver lower than the standards he set for himself (and not those of society or family or critics) and he knows that he is accountable to the person who looks at himself in the mirror every single day.

Why are we discussing Kobe over here despite the fact that most of the readers do not have any relationship with him whatsoever? We are talking of him because inspiration does not come to the door of the gifted-cum-talented artists telling them that now is the time their fortune will be created. With due respect, this legend had the mind and the body just like any other human being, with the only difference being that he set impeccably high standards to achieve them, and he conditioned his body and mind to do whatever it takes, to match those standards.

A legend is made the legend because of the practices they follow as a part of their daily routines and rituals. They also do not like the pain and the disciplines of their rituals, but they understand that the price of regret is more than the price of discipline. The superstars are aware that a diamond is a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well. How many of us go to a downward spiral once we face a piece of dejection? It is not wrong to feel low when things are going awry. It is rather very necessary to feel the pain so that you get out of it even stronger. When you have felt the pain, it is the time to roll up your sleeves and get in excellence mode. You do it consistently, and soon you emerge as a winner – before you even know it!

There is also a spectrum above the legends which makes them special. That’s where Kobe comes into picture. He did not care about that the future respect after his match would anyways belong to him only, he simply chose to focus on the Now and reflect what is always reflected through his game: super-performance. Even though it was the last match of his career, he did not check his cellphone notifications. How many of us are so utterly focused on the daily matches of our lives? Are we taking control of our lives or letting that girl or guy have fun with our emotions? If not so far, now is the time to reflect on what is going on in your life and how you can be disciplined in your approach towards this magnificence called life.

There are no specially crafted human beings on the planet, as I keep on repeating it because repetition creates a neural pathway in your brain, thereby making you believe what is being created. Does that mean we may reach the Kobe-yance levels in our lives and even exceed the initial expectations of ourselves? Yes we can. And here’s how you can do it:

  1. Do the difficult thing, that you hate, but you know will take you to the next grandness. Go for it. The fact of the matter is that your mind will lay down all the traps for you to return to the original state of beginning. Do not listen to that chatter. Listen to the heart that wants to open up to the world and share its magnificence.
  2. Choose to rise above the behavioral patterns of people around you. People are accustomed to criticize every single human being who leaves the herd and has the audacity to roar. Even when you are alone, remember that the lion is the king, and you have to be bold to become the king or queen of your life, regardless of the mood swings of the mundane moods.
  3. Most importantly, always remember that humility and honor are the only ways of life. Even when you know that the other person has committed a wrong, do you have the humanity to still rise as a human being and shower some love in the conversation? Yes, you do. Acts are wrong and never people. When we develop this ability to distinguish the act from the actor, we end up living a more peaceful life, because at core, all human beings emerge from nowhere but awesome possibility and wondrous cheer.

The only way to rise to legendary is to remember that all humanly ways are the legendary ways. When we discover that the spark is within ourselves, it can be very well lit up and set an example for generations to follow.

Do share your views on bringing the change, and share the blog with a friend who you know will be benefited by it.

Happy weekend and week ahead!

Nishtha Gehija

“You” gets closer to yourself

TAB today is all about bringing you closer to you. As discussed yesterday, we all were supposed to talk about the actionables to make our mental blueprint a reality. Before that, let me remind you, that you come alive through your mission of life. “Until you have something to die for, you are not fit to live”, came the phenomenal words from Martin Luther King Jr. Too often the above average people set goals for themselves, however, they get caught in the cobwebs of the naysayers that they lose sight of their destination. What I know clearly, is that you are different, because you are utterly committed to educating yourself to making yourself better, despite your current levels of excellence, and that is what makes you a hero. You are the CEO of awesomeness, so keeping your eyes still on your blueprint is not a choice that you make, rather it is the only way that you have, and I salute you for that.

So, coming back to our blueprint, we rise only to the extent we think ourselves to be capable of. If you think that people are going to adore you or stay away from you, in both cases, you will achieve the exact outcomes you desired of. If you think you can manage a large team of talented individuals or you think that people are always conspiring against you, being envious of your position; in either case, you are going to achieve what you thought of.

This is the magic of blueprint. What gets out on the canvas is because of what is being used as the raw material in the form of colors at the back of the mind.

Isn’t it amazing? Yes it is. Yes, some will say that you have tried this before however, it didn’t work out. Well, how much time do you give to a baby to learn to walk, after which you say: “No more trying. Sit back!”? Well, we never relent, and there is no doubt why everyone walks. So why relent in our own lives for the achievement of our dreams? We must not and we are not supposed to.

Here is my take to make you relentless and to keep taking action, no matter what the tides are bringing on:

  1. Always set an intention for your tasks. When you know what role you are going to play, game becomes all the more fun to play. This happens in all the games: batsmen in cricket, goal-keepers in football, and even cleaners in a Fortune 500 company: are blessed to do their job because they know their intentions.
  2. Do more than what you are paid to do. Not because you should be a giver. Not because you want to look good in everyone else’s view. Do it because you are priceless, and your services done with such great love are not to be traded for a price tag. Right?
  3. Have a daily analysis of your life every night (not more than 5 minutes) and visualizing your next day (at least more than 10 minutes). The time just before we go to sleep and immediately after we rise in the morning, are the most powerful times of the day. The mind has not yet got into its “judge” mode and can be trained to believe whatever is planted into it. Use this precious time to create the life of your marvel, and the rest of the day will be less effort and greater ease and productivity.

Yes is the way to life. In order to get to any place you are not currently at, you need to reach that place in your mind first. Not only in your morning meditation. Not only in the evening analysis and visualization. Whole day. Always. Your mind obeys every command you input into its operating system. Do you trust your mind to trust the unfolding process?

Let’s get more connected through your comments below. Also, please share the blog post with a friend who will love reading this and go to the next level in their lives.

Awesomeness and bliss ~~

Thank you with deep adoration

Nishtha Gehija

Why do some chosen ones always succeed?

Focus: a lot of people do succeed and a lot of people do not succeed because of the differences in their approaches towards life. Most of the happy successful people were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They became successful because they chose to focus their attention on a goal and work super-awesomely wonderfully to achieve that goal.

Today I watched a Masterclass from John Assaraf wherein one viewer asked a question most of us are seeking answer to: “What is the fastest and the most efficient way to get from where I am right now to where I want to be?” The legendary, common and hardly executed answer that came from John was to have a clear blueprint of your goal in your mind, and then follow the steps from someone who has already done what you want to do.


You have to have a blueprint. But what would happen when someone at work does something unpleasant? This is where your blueprint comes into action. If at the beginning of the day, you set a blueprint of a calm and easy person, then when such deviating personalities enter into your life, you naturally tend to focus on what is important to you and do not waste your energy on the unimportant issues.

In today’s blog post, we are going to talk about how to set a blueprint for yourself, which will be followed by habits and rituals of the achievers with “Champion Mindset” and what actions you can take to make those rituals your rituals.

Please think over the following questions on paper while setting your blueprint:

  1. What do I want to achieve in my life? It should include all areas, ie, physical, mental (career goals included here), emotional and social (relationships).

It is more important than you think to have clarity of goals, because unless you know where are you going, you will keep driving on the ring road with everyone taking a lift in your car and making you feel even worse about not having your destination.

  1. The next question to ask is: Who can I model? There are champions in every industry who have mastered their crafts. Plan the steps that they took in their lives and inculcate them into your habits and routines.
  2. Thirdly, and most importantly, always remind yourself about how you are going to serve the world through achievement of your goals. Life is and was never about hoarding. More money and success means more service to the world. Richest people are so because they are philanthropists, not that they are philanthropists because they are rich. Please stop for a moment to reflect on that statement.

Lastly, for your blueprint to get real, remember that one who loves their work and performs it with utter devotion is an artist. Today after my car went for service, I was escorted by a rickshaw-puller to my home. He was such a confident and humble person that could blow away all your miseries. That man is a legend. Because he was performing his art like the best in his industry, which makes magic come alive through him. Isn’t it?

See you in the next blog post continued forward from here.

In order to get more connected, please share how does your blueprint look like, in the comments below, and share the blog post with a friend or anyone whom you know will be benefitted by it.

Keep rocking, and keep getting bolder.

Wondrous joy J

Nishtha Gehija

Is choice always available?

Morning alarm: choice – wake up and be grateful for the day or check notifications and hamper your creativity

Going to the office: choice – with the passion to change the world or to join the water-cooler gang

At home: choice – either to be fully present and enjoying for your family or to download the grudges of the world to your loved ones

We all have a choice. Every time. Even when the things are going against us and the normal person would go into a deep pit, an extraordinary human being carves out moments to be joyful and be present.

The future belongs to those who are alive in the beauty of the now. Beauty in the chirping birds, wonderfully constructed highway and even the dedication of service staff in our office. Yes there are going to be awesomely challenging moments, and they must, because the darkest of the moments reveal to us our greatest lights.

The fact is that no amount of motivation or pushing will work in your favor unless you make the decision to take a forward momentum in your life. You just have to make a choice to move forward or to remain stuck, complaining about what is happening right now.

So why are we talking so much about making a choice? Because a choice requires willpower; and using the finite supply of willpower to make great choices is what makes an Edison different from a wannabe scientist, or a Zuckerberg different from the “also coded”. Are all super-achievers the same or are they simply great choice makers? No, they are not at all same, they simply make wondrous choices that land them in what we call their dream destination. The real source of reaching that destination is, having a pre-determined choice to work upon their art, and leaving no room for the willpower to intervene and affect that choice.

Do you know that life is a continuum of choices? One great spiritual figure, Dadi Janki was once asked by a journalist, that how she maintained the energy and vigor like an adolescent at the completion of a century in her life? Her reply was: “Because I do not waste my energy.” Every morning we wake up with a full glass of water. We just have to remember that the water does not get spilled over at the distractions of the world. Yes, all that we are looking for is within us only, are we focused on self development to this extent that we blind ourselves from the pessimisms of the world.

Each one of us has a choice to visualize our future self in the now, and then act in the moment. Life will manifest its prestigious and honorable gifts to all of us, once we make ourselves resonated with those gifts.

Today’s strategies, do not talk about “doing” the actions. These talk about the emotional and behavioral aspects of our personality, that can be altered and modified with a little bit of presence:

  1. Have fun with life. Savor singing the songs with your friends on the long drive. Savor the delicious ice-cream with the joy-enriched kids. You will regret not plunging in those moments.
  2. Treat every human being with regard. Even though they are behaving in a manner that is not pleasant, you have the humanity to be in your aura, and not someone else’s harmful aura affect your life. “Be kind to everyone, because everyone you meet is fighting a tough battle,” said the wise Buddha.
  3. No matter where you are in your life, you always have some things in your life to be grateful for. Count your blessings, and you will have more of them, and vice versa. Focusing to focus is a skill, that can be developed with practice, and yes, choice. Gratitude brings plentitude. Only when you are contended with what you have, you will be able to enjoy the mountain peak of what you want. Otherwise, it is always going to be a journey from peak to peak burning yourself out, physically and emotionally, which I do not want for yourself. Do you?

If you believe in your capacity to achieve anything, nature will correspond to the tune of your song and make you come more alive, every single day. Are you ready to make the choice, if yes, what is that choice? Please share it in the comments below, and share the blog post with a friend or anyone whom you know will be benefitted by it.

Keep rocking, and keep getting bolder.

Wondrous gratitude,

Nishtha Gehija

When you don’t feel like doing it

Today’s TAB, i.e. The Awesomeness Blog is going to take you to the place we all want to be and also do not feel like taking the ride.

When was it the last time you did something for the first time? The great higher wire walker Papa Wallenda once said: Life is lived out on a wire. The rest is just waiting. Our brain is accustomed to do the things it has been doing since years. Because the brain is not your age. It is over a billion years old and finds pleasure in doing the “easy stuff” because it does not have to stress itself out. However, when you do something difficult, your brain faces a tough exercise; and as tough physical exercises build your body muscles, tough exercises for brain, accustom it to do the stuff that is enriching and not easy.

Do we really need to do the things and crafts that are difficult? Yes we do.

Because we do not want to be stuck where we are, and we need to be constantly pushing the ball forward.

Because we come alive when we accomplish a difficult task that was initially not possible with the existing set of skills and knowledge.

Because we need to experience the fact that age, place of birth, grade schooling, et al are the factors that can be overcome once we are committed to the school of lifelong learning and growth.

Life has its own seasons as the legendary Jim Rohn said. We ought to be working on our craft because it is the craft we and only we are meant to do in the best in world manner. No one feels like all the bells ringing, people playing trumpets in their fervor and The Artist going on a velvet rug to create. Most of us do not feel like doing the very things that we are supposed to do, that will take us out of the misery and land us into the manifestation of our dreams. It happens. I have been working out with progressive overload system for years, still today morning I had the thought of taking an extra hour’s sleep instead of hitting the gym. Gratitude to education, I was aware of the physiological and psychological benefits of working out; so I donned my sports gear and made the way to the gym. Muhammad Ali also said that you are going to hate every part of the training. Robin Sharma said it so well: “If it is not hard, it is not change.”

The good news is, once you keep doing a difficult thing for a period of time, i.e. 2 months, then it becomes easier to do the difficult thing because it has become a part of you, it has become your subconscious action instead of conscious decision making. The willpower you used initially to grow those muscles is now free, and now you can use the same will to create new habits and rituals for yourself? Isn’t it stunning? Yes it is. Then why do most of the people do not do that? Because they have fallen into the disease of excusitis; and they have practiced it for so long that now it has become a part of their being.

We do not need to stop a negative habit, it will make us focus on the habit we are trying to eliminate. We only need to replace the old habit with new patterns or habits and slowly and gradually, the old ones will fade away.

Why are we talking of all this? Because awareness precedes change. Once we become aware that the resistance from the reptilian brain that we all face is common to all legendary performers, we just have to rise above what is common and have the authenticity and commitment to undertake the uncommon, that’s when our lives take a u-turn.

Thus, all you TAB readers, please consider the following reasons why you should continue on the mission of your life, irrespective of what cynical voices, within and without, say to you:

  1. Because life is a forward momentum. The irony is if you are not moving forward, you are stuck and captivated by your past. Open yourself up to the new possibilities in happiness, that will arise once you rise above the couch that is holding you back.
  2. Because when the world says you cannot do something, they are letting their fears out to you of not accomplishing anything great in their lives. Ever seen a super-achiever criticize anyone for not being able to accomplish something? It just cannot be possible. You are just one choice away from your mission, of choosing to be in the company of possibilitarians and world-class achievers.
  3. Because the mission of your life is the source of oxygen defined by you. When you find your happiness, the world has no choice but to be affected by it. An unfulfilled life is a life lived to please others. Happy life (whose by-products is success), is a life filled with passion, exuberance and grit (yes, falling down and getting back up) and wondrous levels of self-confidence.

Savor is in the climb my friend, be happy and persistent enough to taste it awesomely.

What do you feel about this blog? If you like it, please share it with a friend and leave your comments below as to how this blog is helping you out to get stronger and bolder in the way you appear in the world.

You are the world changer

Do you know, that before you start talking to a person, you have given them a glimpse of your personality, just by being there, through your vibes? Do you know that we all affect the emotions and thoughts of physically everyone around us, even though they or we are not aware? Stunningly, do you know that one person on this planet is separated with another person through 6 degrees of separation? This means that you and your favorite celebrity who initially appeared to be inaccessible, is accessible to you through 6 middle connections. Those 6 connections, though, need to be the right ones. Why am I telling you this? Because, as you read this information and study it and analyze it, you get to know that the people who are revered and fantasized and respected and idolized are not any distinct or separate from you.

They are the people next door, who did different things.

They are the people appearing like you and I, who had the temptation to say no to a midnight chit-chat post dinner, and went back to work, making it better, despite it reaching great heights.

They were the people who were up earlier than the dawn, so as to bless the world with their craft.

These are the crazy ones, as an Apple Commercial said, because they know that through their presence and their work, they have an opportunity to change the world.

Want to emphasize this fact again: you matter just because you were born. You are reading this blog just because you are the world changer. Yes, we all face our own sets of insecurities and challenges. Well, what is a world without them? We value only those things which we earn with rigorous efforts. There is no growth involved in achieving all your desires the moment you think of them. We all are here to evolve into the most fabulous part of ourselves despite the storms that life brings at us, despite the fact that people criticize you or ignore you (because they are envious) because you are challenging the status quo.

Never ever did a conformist change the world. Those who had the authenticity to convert their inner spark of truth into fire of reform were the ones who were ultimately fulfilled and happy from within, and successful and revered in the eyes of everyone else.

Today we are going to focus on the reasons why you should do what your heart tells you for changing the society or the world for the better; or why you should persevere in your quest for excellence irrespective of what the situations are today:

  1. Because the world exists because you exist. We all are waiting for the amazing art to be presented by you so that we all can be uplifted through your example. Will you show up? For your heart’s content? For the world’s awesomeness?
  2. Because the Great Grand Plan for everyone says that we all will land up having the very thing we perceived of. Perspective makes a one-handed shooter into an only-handed best in world shooter. Perspective turns a good for nothing employee into one of the top performers.

Everyone is having the night and the day in their lives. What we choose to focus on, expands, and becomes our destiny.

  1. Because no ordinary human being dedicated to complaining would ever read a self-development blog to the very end. You are here, because you are addicted to education and growth. You are here, because you want to make an impact on the body of work you touch. You are here, because you know, that no matter how successful you are, always being a beginner is the only consistent key to success.

Before bidding adieu for today, let us remember that true power cannot be taken away from you nor can it be destroyed. It is your inherent resource, requirement is to be aware of it. Whenever you feel uneasy, requirement is to remember, that it is your responsibility to uplift all of us, and we all look at you in reverence, for changing the world for the better.